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The fat farms of yesteryear were not coed.

Adult Fat Farms

Adult Fat Farms individually assess clients' needs and goals for success at weight loss camp.

Methods at Weight Loss Camps can vary depending on the individual client's capability. However, every client will benefit from the same workouts as long as they train at an reasonable level to start. The fat camp training progression advances from a baseline established by the first few testing workouts. From there, progress is monitored and journaled daily. The method of journaling was popularized by the Body-for-LIFE 12-Week Physique Transformation method in the bestselling book by the same title.

Adult Fat Camps individually assess clients' needs and goals for success at weight loss camp.

Obesity Camps also work with a variety of activities while considering that client limitations may be greater than the client recognizes. Progress at fat camps is based on reasonable progressions after establishing baseline protocols.

Adult Fat Farms, Fat Camps and Weight Loss Retreats strive toward increased activity-minimum calories.

Weight loss camps that emphasize calorie deprivation without focus on fueling muscle will result in a flabby body and the tendency to regain the weight even easier. Read the story of a weight loss champion at the Biggest Loser camp who required excessive skin tightening surgery afterward. He then gained back most of the weight he lost, too. He got on Oprah and announced he would try again to "do it the right way". He proceeded to focus on muscle to maintain metabolism for weight maintenance. That ended his yo-yo dieting.

If more people would get over their fears about bodybuilding, there would be fewer obese people needing fat camps and fewer yo-yo dieters. The fact is that muscle maintains your metabolism and improves your immune system. You can't go wrong with weight training because it will enhance weight loss and at the same time the muscle will reshape your physique.

Most Fat Farms focus on dramatic weight loss as soon as possible to motivate the client to stick with it.

People who attend weight loss retreats have been on enough programs to know that they must lose the fat and spare the muscle. Otherwise, weight loss by calorie deprivation will result in loss of precious muscle. Muscle preserves your immune resistance and maintains your metabolism. An impressive loss of scale weight by way of muscle loss inevitably results in yo yo weight gain afterward.

Most all of the adult fat farms offer some form of weight training for weight loss nowadays.

Pumping iron began to be a weight loss trend for women desiring a well-sculpted ideal body but it was short-lived. The emerging sport of women's bodybuilding was sparked by a 1985 movie pumping Iron II, a sequel to Pumping Iron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, the NPC National Physique Committee began dictating more muscle on the females by continuing to award the bigger athletes. At one point, they realized that they could not pay people to attend the female bodybuilding events because it had gotten grossly out of hand. The women's physique world evolved toward "figure" competitions. The winning physiques of figure contests compared to those of the early days of women's bodybuilding. Finally, an acceptable level of muscle brought back weight training for women. Never mind fat farms, mainstream weight-lifting gyms didn't even allow women until the mid 1980s.

Attend one of the fat farms of today and you will surely lift weights--male or female.

Unfortunately, the judges on the NPC committee yielded to the audience appeal of the competing athletes. On stage what is bigger than life begins to look like beauty from afar. However, when you passed one of those same physiques in the lobby you would surely mutter, "what a freak!" under your breath. By the 1990s women's weight lifting was given a bad reputation by a few hormone induced overly muscular females. Mainstream fitness enthusiasts train with weights but many are fearful of getting too muscular due to the poor representation of women's bodybuilding. Fear not; weight lifting for women does burn fat and it will sculpt physiques. The real fear should be in losing weight without weight training because that will surely result in flabby skin tone.

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