Las Vegas Live-In Adult Weight Loss Weekend Fitness Getaway

Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Las VegasAdult Weight Loss Weekend Getaway

Here are the services you get when you book an Adult Fitness and Weight Loss Weekend in Las Vegas--all on one page for you to decide!

Since cost can be a driving factor, compare rates for these plus... compare separate costs for each fitness weight loss retreat and vacation service. Ours is a live-in weight loss boot camp styled after The Biggest Loser camp. We call it our Vegas "Biggest Winner Program".

Weekend schedules focus on getting fit and losing fat, by a regimen of 5 meals daily with 5-7 hours of exercise. Additional focus is on FUN while sightseeing as we introduce you to Las Vegas at Night, plus Hoover Dam and Lake Mead during the day. We also visit Downtown Las Vegas and enjoy the famous Fremont Street Experience light show.

Our foot trek will take us to see the spectacular water fountains and Conservatory of the Bellagio, the majesty of Paris and Venice – seeing erupting Volcanoes at the Mirage and the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, complete with an "Elvis" sighting.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes on this combination walking and driving tour, as we will leave the comfort of our Cadillac DTS Sedan so you may enjoy, up close and personal, some of the city’s more interesting venues.There will be plenty to see while burning fat, eating right, and learning how to vacation in a healthy way.

We adapt our evening itinerary for each tour so you may enjoy the best Las Vegas has to offer.



Weekend Fitness Getaway

Individual Costs (2-person minimum)
*Service Amenity Daily Hourly Rate 2.5 Days
Deluxe Accommodations $220   $550

Airport Cadillac Service

  $80 $80

Fitness Cuisine

5   $250
Personal Training 7 hrs $55 $385
Sightseeing Treks 5 hrs $55 $275
Nutrition Classes

5 hrs

$55 $275

Grocery Tour

2 hrs $55 $110
Neon Night Out 6 hrs $55 $330
Per Person Value
Per Person Rates YOUR TOTAL PRICE $1,110
*Average Rates Established From Internet Polling for Area

2.5 Day Fitness Weekend Getaway

2-Person Payment $1,110

*The above listed service value rates are taken directly from the average rates published on the Internet.

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Vegas Weekend Fitness Getaway


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