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Las Vegas Live-in Fitness, Director Debra Stefan

Debra Stefan, Director of Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Debra Stefan, Director of Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Las Vegas Live-In Fitness offers a private weight loss retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada for weightloss guests.

Live-in Fitness Residential Services hosted the first weight loss guest in 2008.

Guests stay for weekend fitness getaways to 30-120 day programs. All promote behavioral change for a fit lifestyle.

Residential weight loss coach, Debra Stefan offers a live-in guest program outside of the institutional format. Although it has been described as  ”Biggest Loser resort style” (without the yelling) the program is unique among other institutional type programs in that clients can easily duplicate efforts at home.  Guests live in 24/7 wellness while preparing their own meals as they are learning to continue after they return home.

Live-in Fitness Activities

All adult guests can participate in weight loss and fitness conditioning activities with some guests progressing up to 4 and 5 hours daily. Others average around 3-4 hours of activity based on the level of capability.

Meals are prepared by the guests in residence under supervision of the residential weight loss program.

Food plans are based on the client preferences chosen from a list of “Authorized Foods” commonly used in Body-for-LIFE. The method is not one of calorie deprivation, but of muscle sparing, fat metabolizing. Meal frequencies from 5-6 times daily provide an additional metabolic boost as the body goes into the process of digestion without opportunity for fat storage. Fat loss and muscle gain is key. Women need not fear muscle gain. The new muscle tone will appear as body fat diminishes to reveal shape of ideal body contour and sleek definition.  With  focus on muscle, outstanding physique results are possible. Scale weight is lost, but the most impressive results can be seen in the mirror when physical attributes take shape.

Ideal Length of Stay

Individuals who participate for at least 30 days have the greatest success rate in continuing toward ideal body weight. A lifelong habit can be established under total immersion in the ideal environment where focus is on progress, not perfection. No drill sargeants here and no yelling;  just your new extended Live-in Fitness familywho are here to support you through the most life-changing process that will change how you live. Live in Fitness lifestyle will change how you feel about yourself forever.

Private Residence in a Discreet Location

The Las Vegas Live In Fitness residential property is situated on a ridge overlooking a luxury golf course below, a scenic moutain range to the north, and the panoramic Las Vegas skyline to the west. Both indoor and outdoor activities are available with emphasis on client’s individual needs. See videos of Las Vegas Live-In Fitness Activities and you will notice people of all ages enjoying the process of getting to the ideal body weight, increased energy, and learned wellness lifestyle. For futher details on just what we do here, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Las Vegas Live-in Fitness FAQ page.

What Makes Las Vegas Live-in Fitness so Unique?

Visitors can count on an affordable, and discreet getaway to focus on fitness and weightloss goals. Since we are a residential retreat, our overhead does not include putting you up in a condo or rental apartment. Therefore, you will find that our costs are far below other options. Your privacy will be protected in our secluded residential fitness home.

Who is behind Las Vegas Live-in Fitness?  Debra Stefan is the founder and director of  Las Vegas Live-In-Fitness private residential weight loss retreat. Debra is a fitness speaker/educator, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, jump rope coach, and master yoga teacher. She has practiced yoga since age 15, serving 2 years as a full-time resident instructor for the Integral Yoga Institute of Los Angeles at age 18. Debra has been in the fitness industry at all levels since a teen; she is a true professional. Her fitness demonstrations, as well as, exhibitions featuring extreme jump rope freestyle can be viewed on Vegasfitness1 Youtube channel.  Her jump rope training courses have been accredited through the Nevada State Board of Education and offered at the college and postgraduate level for athletes and educators. Attend one of her daily bootcamp workouts and you will receive training in jumprope techniques for both jumping and non-jumping maneuvers.


WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Live-in Fitness hosts only a few private residential clients at a time for one-on-one, semi-private personal training and weight loss coaching. Phone time is limited due to a full daily schedule devoted to servicing in-house clients. Before you call the 800 line please read the Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Home page and FAQ page and then call if you can answer YES to the following:

Are you ready to make a solid commitment to attend a residential weight loss camp?

Do you have the time and resources to devote to making a lifestyle change?

Have you reviewed this site to understand the live-in weightloss services provided?

Feel free to call if you can say “YES” to all of the above.

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