Mens Weight Loss Camp Rebuilt Tony After Chemo | Las Vegas

Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas Rebuilt Former Athlete After Chemo

A Private Residential Mens Weight Loss Camp Gave Him A New Wellness Routine

Three Guys Daily Adventures at Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 in Las Vegas

David fulfilled his own self-promises at men’s senior weight loss camp.

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

This was a long-standing goal for David and he eagerly joined the two other younger men at the private residential weight loss camp.

He had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to lose weight and get back into shape.

Tony, age 53 was rebuilding his body after surviving cancer and chemotherapy. Donald, age 48 was on a mission to overcome health risks brought on by several years of self-neglect.

The three men bonded and set about on an adventure that pushed them all on to a much higher level than they had anticipated. See David’s video highlight story of his adventures at senior weight loss camp to see how it worked!

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David, Age 69
Monterrey, CA

Adult Weight Loss Camp–Could You Be SLEEP DEPRIVED?

Adult Weight Loss Camp-Essentials: Sleep, Water, Nutrition

Adult Weight Loss Camp-Overweight? You Could Be Sleep Deprived!
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Scientific studies plus my own experience running an adult weight loss camp reveal some  insights. There could be a couple basic reasons why you can’t sleep that come to mind.

1.) Insomnia is a classic sign of cardio over training. Make sure you are within your limits here. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2.) Intense training too late in the day can cause sleep disturbance. Do yoga or relaxation stretching for your last workouts of the day to help sleep.

3.) Nutrition deficiency can disrupt sleep.

I have had all three of the above sleep killers myself and the good news is that you can usually identify the problem and change the pattern right away.

Just remember that sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health…over and above workouts. Without rest and recovery the body cannot heal, grow, develop,and get you the results you are working toward.

Whether you are at an adult weight loss camp like mine or on your own at home, GET SLEEP.

Weight Loss Camp | Morbid Obesity 429 Lbs to 353.5=75.5 Lbs Day 70

 Weight Loss Camp Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas Morbid Obesity Weightloss

Weight Loss Camp
Weight Loss Camp


Adult Weight Loss Camp|Obesity Camp| Live-in Fitness Las Vegas
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Fat-burning workouts at our Las Vegas live-in weight loss camp plus 6 small meals daily keep him going strong and getting lean.  See his YouTube channel and you can appreciate how far he has come since starting. He was unable to walk a few steps or stand more than a minute due to pain and pressure. 

Exercise must begin at a reasonable level to make progress without setback. We assess before we progress. That is the key to morbid obesity weight loss. at a weight loss camp.

He needed privacy and expert attention to guide his every move from the start. The risk involved in new activity without weighing risk versus benefit could have resulted in a devastating setback. Each workout and every activity sequence was  carefully considered in order to promote progress and reduce if not eliminate risk. A morbidly obese person is at risk due to the internal and structural pressure caused by the excessive body weight. The key is to select activities that can increase metabolism for weight loss, increase functional movement and lessen the impact of joint pressure.  Weight loss camp professionals will monitor your cross training to this effect.

A heart rate monitor is advised for all activities. Just about any type of new movement activity has the capability of escalating the heart rate of a morbidly obese person. Also a muscle, the heart needs time to strengthen without strain. Signs of overtraining must be watched. Inability to sleep and headaches are usually a strong indication of overtraining the heart.  Weight loss camp will usually provide a heart rate monitor.

Adult Weight Loss Camps- vs- Kids Weight Loss Camps

Adult Weight Loss CampsAdult weight loss camps deal with changing old behavioral patterns and replacing them with new ones.

In general, teaching kids new habits is a much faster process than for adults. Adults have had more time to develop and firmly establish bad habits. The key is finding the right motivational driver or emotional hot button that a person is geared to strive toward. However, the motivational techniques used for adult weight loss camps may differ because they have different emotional drivers than children.

One common motivation for both kids and adult weight loss camps is peer approval.

While people of all ages are hard-wired to seek recognition and approval, kids are even more impressionable by peers. Immature individuals are prone to making poor decisions or taking unsafe risks in order to find peer favor. During the “identity years” kids are unsure of themselves so that getting approval from other peers means personal validation. An example of an unwise, immature choice would be to go on a crash diet.

Weight loss camps recognize that the difference in a mature adult and an immature adolescent is the ability to delay gratification for a long-lasting result.

Crash dieting is not an alternative to weight loss camp. Immediate gratification when a person’s scale weight drops dramatically does not mean that it an ideal weight will be maintained. Conversely, it skews the metabolism making it even harder to lose weight again. Lower numbers on the scale should not celebrate success at weight loss camp. Long-term success comes from adopting new habits.

Adult weight loss camps use motivational sex appeal.

The difference in the mature person and the immature is simply the ability to hold out for lasting results versus temporary results, but that’s not all that is different. Then there is sex appeal. The doctor can warn you about the high health risk of obesity and the Surgeon General cautions a sedentary lifestyle. However, the real motivation comes right down to how you feel about looking at yourself in the mirror with very little on. That is all there is to it.  The media is less conservative than previous generations and youths are influenced at a younger age by seductive celebrity role models.

Try not to overanalyze; just recognize that everyone can learn healthy habits at weight loss camp.

Just keep it simple. Each individual of any age has unique issues, but it is instinctual for one to want to be the best that they can be. Personal drivers can come into play, but success comes with discipline. Discipline is needed to establish new habits when replacing old ones. Just face it. Your old habits aren’t getting you the result you want. The process of transformation is far easier in a controlled environment under supervision. Leave it to the pros at the adult weight loss camps. They will tell you that understanding human nature is the key to being able to persuade, influence, motivate, and coach others– whether kids or adult weight loss camps.

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