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Inspirational Short Story Audio by Debra Stefan

Mind Fitness Inspirational Short Story Audio by Debra Stefan

Here is the link to a short story of inspiration that I recorded for a Dr. Zannah Hackett.

It is inspirational and based on an actual place and events. A true and inspirational short story about The Valley of the Sun School from 1959-1961. The school was a refuge for mentally retarded children where love and hope were learned by a young visitor.

Take 10 minutes to just relax and listen to the story.Let me know how you like it.


Weight Loss Camp | Exercise Motivation | Audio Affirmations

25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations from Weight Loss Camp Pros

Weight Loss Camp utilizes powerful proven success strategies including positive affirmations

Whether you spend time at a weight loss camp or self-train, positive self-talk is crucial for success.

Weight Loss Camp | 25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Camp | 25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations for Weight Loss

A version of this article by Debra Stefan was first published as Do Positive Affirmations Really Work? on Technorati.

Retraining your thinking is the first step in bringing about change and that is exactly why weight loss camp experts get results for their clients.  Sure, you can place a person under strict supervision, constant motivation, and provide the healthiest nutrition. However, the weight that is lost is often regained if old thinking patterns have not been replaced with new, supportive ones.

Start by cancelling all “stinking thinking”. Every time you catch yourself saying or thinking negatively, reframe it. Anthony Robbins popularized this cognitive drill of spinning any situation to the most positive viewpoint. Take Christopher Reeves of Superman fame. When he became a paraplegic,  he viewed himself as the best person for the job because he could use his celebrity status with the media to make gains toward stem cell research. He truly believed that his position was worthwhile in fulfilling his purpose.  Therefore, he was not a victim.

The prisoners of Auschwitz who survived did so because they did not let their dire circumstances under Nazi rule change their thinking.

Weight Loss Camp Secret: The Mind Must Change Before The Scales Do

The responsibility of mind control or cognitive thinking is clearly up to the individual and no one else. Success proven tools and techniques can be helpful when the subject is receptive. Being receptive means that you must clear away previous mind clutter from past failures and adopt the Zen mindset. The Zen mind is known as the beginner’s mind. It is a clean slate free of any previous impressions.  Only then, can the receptivity begin.

Be Receptive for The Best Result

Make sure that when you listen to positive affirmations that you are truly in a receptive mode. Be alone and not distracted. Clear you head of any other concerns. Just as a hypnotherapist would prepare a client for positive suggestion under hypnosis, you can prepare for a self-induction.  Begin to foresee your own outcome as favorable and the power of your mind can and will bring it about.

The use of positive affirmation audios is a powerful and effective tool.

The recent technology of personal devices enables audio files to be downloaded, played and shared anytime and anywhere.  Tools are effective only when used for the right job. Here is a tool customized for the task of exercise motivation and exercise adherence. Take a three-minute break several times daily until you have accomplished the brain reset needed. The exercise effect itself will take over from there and you will be on your way to a disciplined routine. Even more effective than reading a list, I am providing you with an audio I produced for the purpose of sharing abundantly.

When is the last time someone gave you such a valuable tool?

The true value is realized only when it is used effectively so I am glad you read this far and hope you are truly receptive. Let me know how my free audio works for you!
For more affirmations audios, visit this page.

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Fitness Holiday | Redirect Your Attention OFF Food to Beat Holiday Weight Gain

Fitness Holiday | If your family gatherings normally revolve around food, it’s time to begin a new tradition.

Take the focus off of food, get people away from the buffet table, and do an fitness holiday activity that everyone will enjoy.

Create a Fitness Holiday and play a game, make a holiday craft, dance to your favorite holiday tunes, play a motion-based video game, go ice skating, build a snowman, or go sledding.

Fitness Holiday | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Fitness Holiday | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Let your fitness holiday beat holiday weight gain for yourself and those on whom you have a positive influence.

What do holiday parties and get together all have in common?

Food and drinks…high-calorie food and drinks, that is!

No wonder most people gain weight during the holidays.

Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by sweet temptations to sabotage your fitness holiday mindset – holiday cookies, gingerbread houses, pumpkin pies, and more. Even healthy foods like sweet potatoes and green beans are magically transformed into high-calorie dishes that will make you want to do nothing but fall asleep. And don’t forget the drinks. Eggnog and alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories.

Want to sidestep those holiday pounds?

Stay Focused on Making it a Fitness Holiday

Yes, the holidays bring yummy foods and drinks, but friend gatherings and family traditions aren’t about food. Before a party, remind yourself what the holiday season is all about – friends, family, giving, and religious traditions. Then stay focused on the reason for the season rather than the plate full of hors d’oeuvres in front of you.

Second, stay focused on your dieting goals. Remind yourself of where you’ve come from and where you’re going. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. A few bites of food aren’t worth hours on the treadmill.

The holidays can be a time of emotional eating. For many people, the holidays bring stress, family conflict, or depression. Learn to address the root of your problems with solutions other than food or drink.

Strategize Your Fitness Holiday

Is your holiday social calendar filled with night after night of parties and events? It’s time to come up with a plan. If you want to keep your diet on track, you’ll need to pace yourself. Don’t come to a party hungry but eat a small low-calorie snack ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll overeat. When it’s time for extreme measures, wear tight-fitting clothes around your waist so there’s not much room for expansion.

Before and after a meal, chew gum so you won’t be tempted to overindulge in appetizers and desserts. During a party, don’t stand right next to the food table, but keep a safe distance. And before you get a plate of food, choose your plate wisely. Go with a small plate instead of a large dinner plate and don’t go back for seconds!

Another important strategy is figuring out how to get in the gym between parties. Leaving room in your busy holiday schedule for exercise will help you fight off the extra weight trying to attach itself to your midsection and rear.

Wise Choices

Be smart about what you choose to eat. Don’t deprive yourself of all the foods you love or you’ll likely spurge and ruin all your good intentions. Enjoy the goodness of the season, but in moderation. Trim calories where you can by limiting your trimmings-cheeses, gravy, sauces, creams, and nuts.

The holidays offer many food choices not available the rest of the year. Because of this, you may want to overindulge before they’re gone. Instead of doing this, survey what foods are available and make your choices. Indulge in your favorites and leave the everyday dishes for another time. Only eat what you love, and don’t just eat something because it’s on the buffet.

Also, be sure to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink. While you may not know it, they’re filled with calories, too. Try alternating an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic drink.

Follow these simple tips, and you will avoid holiday weight gain this season and start the New Year off right!

Exercise is a huge part of the equation when it comes to achieving weight loss. Share your favorite activities and have a wonderful fitness holiday.


Mens Fitness Boot Camp Vacation | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Fitness Boot Camp Camaraderie

Mens Fitness Boot Camp Camaraderie

Mens Fitness Boot Camps outdoor adventures.

Intense exercise is known to increase testosterone and there is certainly a lot of it at mens fitness boot camps.

Three men came from different regions, all set out for the best mens fitness boot camps they could find. They arrived in Las Vegas unknown to one another, but quickly formed a fitness brotherhood during their stay at the residential fitness retreat.

The male bonding factor is high in a 24/7 environment of positive energy and best efforts. They all lost weight, built muscle, increased fitness on all levels and claim to have had a great time of it.

Each of the men had similar goals and interests. They all liked weight training, cycling, and outdoor activity. Coaching them was easy. Each workout session offered personal bests. The men encouraged and applauded one another every step of the way. They got sore. They got tired. They all got up each day eager for more of the same. Here is a bit about these three guys:

David, age 69, had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to lose weight and get back into shape.

Tony, age 53, was rebuilding his body after surviving cancer and chemotherapy.

Donald, age 48, was on a mission to overcome health risks brought on by several years of self-neglect.

The three men bonded at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness residential weight loss camp where they set out on an adventure that pushed them all on to a much higher level than they had anticipated. See David’s video highlight story of his adventures at senior weight loss camp to see how it worked!

Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlights| Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlight Video

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlights

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlights

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Photo Highlights

Mens Live-in Boot Camp 60-Day Weight Loss Fitness, Las Vegas

Mens Live-in Boot Camp 60-Day Weight Loss Fitness, Las Vegas

By now you have a pretty good idea on what Mens Weight Loss Camp is like.

Just view the video and photo slideshow highlights; hear for yourself from an actual client who spent 60 days fulfilling his own self-promises. What happens is that you develop and build more than muscle. You build your own ability to believe in yourself. Self efficacy is the term. Build it daily when you build your health through the lifestyle choices of discipline and regimen.

That’s right; you will need to exercise more than your body at mens weight loss camp. You will exercise your ability to maintain discipline. By removing oneself from all the usual distractions, negative anchors, temptations, and old habits, you can establish your lifestyle of choice. Choose the right things over what seems easiest. Soon it becomes easy to do at home what you have learned and practiced at mens weight loss camp.

Thanks for viewing. Stay in touch because every month we have a few more lifestyles transformed here at the live-in fitness residence. We only have room for a few at a time because this is an actual residence, not a “facility”. You will live in fitness, not a luxury spa or institutional style compound.  It is really quite simple and easy to do once you have made the personal commitment to do it for yourself. Whether you have 10, 20 or 100-200Lbs to lose, everyone has to start the same way…make your mind right and the rest will follow.