A Whole New Level

Wait! Before you skim down to find which exercise I’ve labeled as the best, read the whole story…

It’s always interesting when I’m approached and asked to pin down a single exercise as the one that will help lose the most fat or sculpt the quickest. I’m always slow to answer.

You see, I’m acutely aware of the fact that though an exercise may be perfect for Client A, it may not be the best choice for Client B-hence my hesitation to label any exercise as the universal best.

That being said, there are exercises that are better than others. And, yes, there are even a few that I would label as the best.

What makes an exercise the best?
When deciding which exercises to include in your routine it is important to consider the type of movement involved. The simpler the movement, the fewer calories you’ll burn. On the other hand, the more complex the movement, the more calories you will burn.

Simply stated, exercises that use complex movements will deliver better results than exercises that use only simple movements. Complex movements recruit multiple muscles, some to stabilize and others to perform the movement. This process keeps your heart rate higher than a simple exercise would, giving you a more intense workout.

What is a complex movement?
A complex movement is a multi-joint movement that recruits large portions of the body to complete the exercise. Let’s compare a simple movement leg exercise with a complex movement leg exercise:

The leg extension machine uses a simple, isolated movement to work the quadriceps. You’re in a seated position moving only your knee joint. There isn’t much involvement, if any, from other muscles and it doesn’t burn very many calories.

Now let’s look at a free weight walking lunge. You start by standing with your feet together and a dumbbell in each hand at your sides (or a barbell across your shoulders, or a medicine ball held at your chest, or even with no weight at all). You take a large step forward and lower your back knee, keeping your front knee at a 90 degree angle. Now you push off your front foot and pull your back leg forward, repeating the movement.

How many muscles did you utilize while performing the lunge? Probably too many to count.

You certainly worked your quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings, calves, abdominals, supporting muscles in your shoulders, arms and back-just to name a few. You also raised your heart rate and really kicked your metabolism into high gear. That’s what I call a great exercise.

Other ways to increase intensity
Using complex movements are just one of many ways to kick your workout intensity up a notch. Try incorporating a Super Set into your routine. To do so simply perform two or more exercises in a row and then take a short rest.

Or how about a Compound Set? Perform one exercise, rest, then perform an exercise with opposing body parts. To find exercises that compliment one another, choose ones that have similar but opposite motions such as a chest press and a row.

The key to finding the best exercise is to find the ones that bring your workout intensity to a whole new level.

I’d be shortchanging you if I named any exercise as the best. The fact of the matter is that it is a combination of changing your workouts up, using interval training, and even some good old cardio that will ultimately see you to your goal.

These methods will help you to burn more calories, increase your metabolic rate, and will stimulate the production of more fat burning and muscle toning hormones. Of course, there is more involved to achieving your fitness goals. You need to incorporate fat burning into your routine. You need to consistently challenge yourself during workouts. You need to take control of your eating habits and to get your diet dialed in.

So what’s the best exercise for you? Find out-hit reply to this email to schedule your no obligation fitness consultation.

Clear Your Mind


Exercise is the most natural way to cleanse your mind and emotions. When your emotions are flustered and your mind cluttered, you will find refreshment after a good workout. When done correctly, it is only during exercise that your mind actually rests.

Adult Weight Loss Camp–Could You Be SLEEP DEPRIVED?

Adult Weight Loss Camp-Essentials: Sleep, Water, Nutrition

Adult Weight Loss Camp-Overweight? You Could Be Sleep Deprived!
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Scientific studies plus my own experience running an adult weight loss camp reveal some  insights. There could be a couple basic reasons why you can’t sleep that come to mind.

1.) Insomnia is a classic sign of cardio over training. Make sure you are within your limits here. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2.) Intense training too late in the day can cause sleep disturbance. Do yoga or relaxation stretching for your last workouts of the day to help sleep.

3.) Nutrition deficiency can disrupt sleep.

I have had all three of the above sleep killers myself and the good news is that you can usually identify the problem and change the pattern right away.

Just remember that sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health…over and above workouts. Without rest and recovery the body cannot heal, grow, develop,and get you the results you are working toward.

Whether you are at an adult weight loss camp like mine or on your own at home, GET SLEEP.

Training Programs for Morbid Obesity Camp | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness


Training Programs for Morbid Obesity Camp

Morbidly Obese Weight Loss Camp Training is Specialized
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Morbid Obesity Camp | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weightloss Retreat transforms lifestyles.

 A Different Approach is Necessary for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps  



The use of trekking poles for walking, is essential for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps.

Trekking poles are essential for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps.
From Mens Weightloss Camp

Corey Dillaha’s chief complaint in functional ability was his inability to stand or walk for more than brief moments. With the poles, he can off load just enough pressure from his legs and assist with his upper body. This made a remarkable difference, that on his fourth day the poles enabled him to work up to twenty minutes of walking with a 5-minute rest halfway.    

Another personal best this morning happened after breakfast. For his second workout, he decided to do his 20-minute cardio walk on the trekking poles solo. It worked out great, He felt empowered and confident. Corey even had me video him while addressing the friends back home. Back to rest with his legs elevated and ice therapy for nature’s most nature anti-inflammatory aid on healing muscles until the 10AM boot camp.   

Day THREE: An important assist for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps is to have relief seating readily available.

An exercise ball is easy to roll out for immediate seated recovery. Make sure that the ball is one like Duraball Pro burst proof with 2,000 lb rating. These are tested against heavy weight lifting and can be trusted whereas not just any exercise ball will be reliable for your extra large clients. Boxing drills were added on day three. Although time spent standing was limited, weight shifting with the locomotion helped so much that by day six on Saturday Corey was able to complete a distance of 50 feet without stopping to sit down on his exercise ball.   

Day FIVE: Ball tossing and catching drills on the Bosu Balance Trainer inspired him to try his juggling skills while balancing.

Corey’s confidence with his balance and mobility is through the roof now. This morning’s workout was by far the most animated.   It went great and we videoed the session for all to see. Polishing off the workout with some abdominal work on the Bosu, he felt inspired to talk into the camera for the folks back home who are watching his progress. As he finds himself evangelizing, we call him a witness for fitness!   

Day SIX: Saturday was first unofficial Fitness At Large Meetup, offering a special support group for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps.

Corey held his own in a small group where he performed some medicine ball drills that we previously practiced with partner throwing outdoors. We brought along his Duraball to sit on for recovery and he was able to alternate sitting and standing throughout the medicine ball wall drills. He agreed that the seated medicine ball throwing drills were well targeted to the core of his midsection. This proved to be a great alternative when standing became fatiguing. Our group then proceeded with jump rope walking maneuvers, boxing drills, and the highlight was tornado ball against the block wall of the gym.   

Day 7: Corey lost 12 pounds in one week of just weight loss camp preconditioning.

Not bad for just starting to gear up. We call this “getting in shape to get in shape”. The highlight of our seventh-day progression was to introduce kneeling balance drills on the stability ball. After a week of working on the ball and the Bosu, the basic four-point dynamic balance for one minute was a quick victory for Corey. He can’t wait to do the kneeling stance with hands free for catching and throwing drills as seen on my YouTube channel.   

A word about using a monitor for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps: purchase one that operates without a chest strap.

Corey has a 67” chest circumference so wearing a chest strap was not an option.  He is wearing a heart rate monitor during all workouts and it was very important to help him keep in check during the more intense intervals. Since today’s new adventure featured sledgehammer drills on a truck tire, he could easily be at risk for overtraining were it not for the heart rate monitor. He enjoyed the movement so the workout went great and he is clearly into this now.    

Exercise outdoors is not only motivating, but offers great sensory stimulation to create an enjoyable weight loss camp experience.

Behind our fitness residence, a scenic mountain ridge of red and gold is nature’s backdrop to the north and east. A westerly view of the Las Vegas skyline spans north and south. Corey’s trekking workouts are done on an asphalt pathway overlooking the seventh hole of our golf course. As much as possible, workouts are done outside on our sport court or in any number of available fitness-worthy areas.   

Corey says he has enjoyed every workout and each of the exercises introduced. This is a very receptive client who is eager for change. After our day seven weigh-in, we took a Sunday breakfast outing to a local restaurant. The food was great, but he decided he was full and pushed the plate away. This was the first time in his lifetime of overeating that he can remember doing that.  

Corey agreed with me that nothing could taste better than having a fit physique. He has missed the feeling of being physically fit for many years and is now getting a taste. Although the sacrifice of being away from home and family was difficult, the rewards of morbid obesity camp are priceless.

Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness
From Mens Weightloss Camp

He got a 3-month visa, left his job in Amsterdam and travelled over 5,000 miles when he found Las Vegas Live-in Fitness mens weight loss camp.

After searching the world over via the mightly internet, he found the right Mens Weight Loss Camp at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

What appealed to him the most was the focus on muscle not calorie counting.  Placing the focus on macronutrients emphasizing muscle-sparing protein in proper proportion to energy producing carbohydrates was exactly what he knew he needed to do.

The Body-for-LIFE method places the focus on all the right nutrients to make you a lean, fat-burning machine. Most importantly, the weight lost is fat instead of muscle. Too often people celebrate scale weight loss while precious health is being lost by the way of calorie deprivation. Emphasis on calorie counting leaves out the nutrition necessary to support the weight loss. Without lean muscle mass the metabolism drops further and weight is regained even more readily. Miles had been on that yo-yo syndrome far too many times before. This time would be different.

Personal training and 24/7 supervision will get you on track to meet all your health and fitness goals. When you do all the right things all at the same time, great changes take place. Las Vegas Live-in Fitness accomodates 24/7 Mens Weight Loss Camp.

Live-In Weight Loss Camps– How Much Should It Cost to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss CampsAre weight loss camps in your future?

You need to do your homework on weight loss camps before making a financial commitment.

In the business of fitness and weight loss camps, professional services are prepaid in advance. That is because your financial commitment is generally the strongest method of getting you to follow through with your own self-promises. If you are going to make the most cost-effective decision in choosing among residential fitness and weight loss camps, there is much to consider.

So you are searching the Internet looking for live-in fitness and weight loss boot camps.

Google has brought you an array of results for live-in weight loss camps, adult fat  farms, biggest loser resorts, fitness retreats and adult fat camps. No matter what name they go by just keep the following in mind:

When it comes to weight loss, make sure that it is fat you will be losing. Remember: FATLOSS.

What I mean by that is that you can crash large amounts of weight off without losing fat. This will result in a lot of loose skin and lack of muscle tone. What you are doing is losing precious muscle by going into calorie deprivation. If that is the case, you will be in for more yo-yo dieting. Your metabolism will slow due to the reduced muscle and you will gain fat again. Ask the right questions to make sure you don’t sign up for the wrong method.

The first step is when you have already determined that you are ready to sign with one of the weight loss camps and to set aside the time.

There you will find an environment free from your negative behavior patterns and eating habits, which sabotage your efforts. Once and for all you have come to terms with the problems stopping you.

Now the next step is to decide which one of the many weight loss camps works for you.

If you are going to make the best decision in choosing a cost-effective program to get in shape and lose weight then you need to do your fat camp homework. Compare weight loss camps among the top on west coast and east coast. Will it be Las Vegas to live 24/7 in a private residential weight loss retreat? What about California for a live in fitness camp? Maybe it will be Utah to a weight loss resort, or Florida for a fitness vacation.

Which of the weight loss camps will teach you what to do once you are on your own back home?

Most all the Adult Fat Farms and weight loss camps have nutritionists and chefs to plan and prepare your meals for you. What happens when you get back home and haven’t practiced any of the recipes or food combining? Will you really understand correct portions of carbohydrates and proteins? You need hands-on practice to form new habits and duplicate the wellness lifestyle on your own at home.

When you find which of the weight loss camps actually teach you how to read labels, shop for the right foods, and learn to prepare them or even order the best menu choices then you have a wellness lifestyle. This knowledge will serve you the rest of your life. That makes it a good investment for your commitment and money. Otherwise, don’t get rid of your fat clothes yet.

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas

Are You Contemplating a Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery?

When your weight loss efforts have failed, you need to compare a Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass. Here is the newsflash:

Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gone Bad

Study: 1 In 50 People Die Within A Month Of Surgery

A CBS news documentary followed a gastric bypass patient who did not consider Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass.

He succeeded in losing weight and then died shortly.

Dave Weindel died three weeks after his surgery at age 38. His case was not a complete anomaly. Really. That was supposed to be the success story to prove weight loss, but it proved the risk of death instead.

If you haven’t pondered the question of Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery you should.

Most overweight people who have reached obesity level have considered gastric Bypass.

However, that is a fool’s way out.

I am sorry to tell you that in spite of all the hype about finding weight loss success through gastric bypass surgery, it is just not true. That’s right. This is my blog and I am here to point out facts to consider when comparing Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Tune into NBC’s hit TV show and watch the progress of obese and morbidly obese people at the Biggest Loser Camp.

Even though you truly believe that you have tried everything…

The truth is that you have failed to do all the right things all at the same time!

That is why you need to compare Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery to save your mental and physical health.

Yes. Your emotional health will never return to full confidence and the ability to believe that you can take control of your life and body. The Body-for-Life method teaches that when you take control of your body that is when you actually start to take control of your life. Read the book because it has been a best-seller since 1999 and Body-for-LIFE is by far the most important self-help book of the millennium to this day. Many others followed suit, but this is the real McCoy.

Obviously, gastric bypass surgery is an extremely drastic decision and measure to take when you are trying to lose weight. This is a surgery that is going to make it physically impossible to eat in the same manner that you have been eating up until now. You won’t even be able to eat like a normal weight person because of the fact that your God-given system has been surgically altered to try and beat Mother Nature. I will not spend time here reviewing the high incidence of death and complications. All of this means that you really need to try other methods of losing weight first.

You can review that on another Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery article.

So which kind of requirements does your doctor look for to make sure that you are a good candidate for this sort of surgery? People who are given permission to have gastric bypass surgery have to first prove that they aren’t able to lose weight using healthier methods of doing so. In order to be considered for the surgery most people need to have at least a forty body mass index. People whose body mass indexes are between thirty-five and thirty-nine can also qualify for the surgery if they are suffering from weight related health risks like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Having surgery to correct unhealthy weight isn’t a choice that any person should make quickly or lightly. You need to consider every one of the options that are available to you and weigh them equally. It is imperative that you educate yourself as to the risks that come with it. This surgery has induced some individuals to develop serious health concerns and many have died. 

When you complete your comparison of Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery you will also find that the cost of a Live in Weight Loss camp is far less than an expensive life-threatening surgery.

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas