Adult Weight Loss Camp–Could You Be SLEEP DEPRIVED?

Adult Weight Loss Camp-Essentials: Sleep, Water, Nutrition

Adult Weight Loss Camp-Overweight? You Could Be Sleep Deprived!
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Scientific studies plus my own experience running an adult weight loss camp reveal some  insights. There could be a couple basic reasons why you can’t sleep that come to mind.

1.) Insomnia is a classic sign of cardio over training. Make sure you are within your limits here. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2.) Intense training too late in the day can cause sleep disturbance. Do yoga or relaxation stretching for your last workouts of the day to help sleep.

3.) Nutrition deficiency can disrupt sleep.

I have had all three of the above sleep killers myself and the good news is that you can usually identify the problem and change the pattern right away.

Just remember that sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health…over and above workouts. Without rest and recovery the body cannot heal, grow, develop,and get you the results you are working toward.

Whether you are at an adult weight loss camp like mine or on your own at home, GET SLEEP.

Zen Wisdom of Weight Loss Camps

Weight Loss Camps- Zen MindsetLearn the power of Zen and make it your first lesson prior to attending any adult weight loss camps or fat farms.

Commit your time and money to such life-changing programs as adult weight loss camps only after you have prepared your mind first.

Utilize the Zen mindset as your greatest advantage toward learning new things, especially when reinventing yourself. Make a major lifestyle change by losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Undergo lifestyle training with confidence when you have the powerful tool of Zen working for you.  

Zen wisdom was introduced with the popular Kung Fu TV series in the early 1970s. Each episode placed emphasis on the mental and spiritual power that the Shaolin monks taught in their rigorous training. Reference to the young student they called “Grasshopper” would preface words of age-old wisdom.  

To truly succeed at weight loss camps, you need the Zen mindset.

The Zen mindset is the open mind of a beginner who is eager to learn and try new things without preconceived notions. It is the clear, receptive state for optimal learning and change. Entertain thoughts of success and dismiss all doubt toward goals. Keep your ego in check to enable your progress and avoid distraction or concern about how you look to others while in learning mode. Open yourself to become receptive to new experiences and form new habits along with new likes and dislikes. Replace favorite foods of lesser nutrition value with better choices. Try accepting a greater variety of foods and activities.  

Enhance your results at weight loss camp with the simplicity of Zen.

Yogis advise training the mind with patience like you would an unruly child. When it roams off task, gently bring it back time and time again. Adjust the incoming thoughts like changing channels on a television. Move quickly past the undesirable thoughts and tune into the positive goal visualization.  

Realize that your current lifestyle is sabotaging your pursuit of happiness. Put the ego aside and allow yourself to be a beginner without embarrassment. Do not be concerned with how you are perceived by others. Learn to relax at will and focus on breathing. Use the breathing as a centering tool to prepare for meditation practice. Use goal visualization during this receptive state in meditation.   

Train your weaknesses more than your strengths. Develop new strengths by accepting new challenges. By training your weaknesses you gain newfound strengths. Find new ways to become active and stay motivated. Develop a more rounded choice of activities and the likelihood of getting more exercise is obvious. Try not to limit yourself to your same patterns. If you were satisfied with your old ways you wouldn’t be looking for professional weight loss camps, now would you, “Grasshopper”?  

Yoga by Debra Stefan, Live-in Fitness Las Vegas

Yoga by Debra Stefan, Live-in Fitness Las Vegas

Weight Loss Camps | Live in Boot Camps

Article first published as Weight Loss Camps Are Live in Boot Camps With a New Theme on Technorati.

Weight Loss Camps are now all over the world, especially in destination resorts like Las Vegas.

Weight Loss CampsUnlike the angry military-style of earlier boot camps, weight loss camps are now theme based.

Weight Loss Camps range from adventure hiking, rafting, horseback riding, to running on the public beaches, but most all now have a theme.

The theme must offer a diversion from your usual routine, which has you, locked into your pattern. That behavioral pattern has not been getting you the result you desire, therefore, you are setting out to make changes. Getting you out of your ordinary pattern is important for a lot of reasons.

The first thing that Weight Loss Camps do is help you to find new ways to become active that can actually keep you motivated.

Secondly, by training in areas you would not normally engage on your own you are training your weaknesses. That is how you gain strength. Develop a more rounded choice of activities and the likelihood of getting more exercise is obvious. Try not to limit yourself to your same patterns. They haven’t been enough or you wouldn’t be looking for professional weight loss camps.

Thirdly, Weight Loss Camps need to put your into the Zen mindset. After all, you are there to be led and taught new things.

That is, the open mind of a beginner who is eager to learn and try new things. The Zen mindset is without previous apprehensions or judgments. It is the clear, receptive state for optimal learning and change. Zen mind-open mind. You are opening yourself to become receptive to new experiences to form new habits along with new likes and dislikes. This is not done by force or harsh measures of humiliation. A yoga type mindful movement session aids you toward a more indrawn awareness. This will be a welcome break from usual activities of the weight loss camps. Take a break and go within. Close your eyes and tune out all expectations put on you by others so that you can become aware of your own inner leadings. Chances are they will be loftier than you anticipated.

Weight Loss Camps are designed to provide a well-supervised, supportive environment in which you can immerse yourself by being free of normal responsibilities or distractions.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an outdoors person, you will benefit by stepping out of your comfort zone to expand your options to include more exercise opportunity. Likewise, with dance or other indoor activities which may not be your first tendency. You may find that there are forms of outdoor and indoor exercise that you overlooked. During this self-discovery, you also may find that once you get over your preconceived notions about different variations of the theme, you can actually benefit from all of it. After all, you are choosing to attend one of these Weight Loss Camps for one reason and that is for YOU. Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas

Adult Weight Loss Camps- vs- Kids Weight Loss Camps

Adult Weight Loss CampsAdult weight loss camps deal with changing old behavioral patterns and replacing them with new ones.

In general, teaching kids new habits is a much faster process than for adults. Adults have had more time to develop and firmly establish bad habits. The key is finding the right motivational driver or emotional hot button that a person is geared to strive toward. However, the motivational techniques used for adult weight loss camps may differ because they have different emotional drivers than children.

One common motivation for both kids and adult weight loss camps is peer approval.

While people of all ages are hard-wired to seek recognition and approval, kids are even more impressionable by peers. Immature individuals are prone to making poor decisions or taking unsafe risks in order to find peer favor. During the “identity years” kids are unsure of themselves so that getting approval from other peers means personal validation. An example of an unwise, immature choice would be to go on a crash diet.

Weight loss camps recognize that the difference in a mature adult and an immature adolescent is the ability to delay gratification for a long-lasting result.

Crash dieting is not an alternative to weight loss camp. Immediate gratification when a person’s scale weight drops dramatically does not mean that it an ideal weight will be maintained. Conversely, it skews the metabolism making it even harder to lose weight again. Lower numbers on the scale should not celebrate success at weight loss camp. Long-term success comes from adopting new habits.

Adult weight loss camps use motivational sex appeal.

The difference in the mature person and the immature is simply the ability to hold out for lasting results versus temporary results, but that’s not all that is different. Then there is sex appeal. The doctor can warn you about the high health risk of obesity and the Surgeon General cautions a sedentary lifestyle. However, the real motivation comes right down to how you feel about looking at yourself in the mirror with very little on. That is all there is to it.  The media is less conservative than previous generations and youths are influenced at a younger age by seductive celebrity role models.

Try not to overanalyze; just recognize that everyone can learn healthy habits at weight loss camp.

Just keep it simple. Each individual of any age has unique issues, but it is instinctual for one to want to be the best that they can be. Personal drivers can come into play, but success comes with discipline. Discipline is needed to establish new habits when replacing old ones. Just face it. Your old habits aren’t getting you the result you want. The process of transformation is far easier in a controlled environment under supervision. Leave it to the pros at the adult weight loss camps. They will tell you that understanding human nature is the key to being able to persuade, influence, motivate, and coach others– whether kids or adult weight loss camps.

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