Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp for Women and Men

Henderson Bootcamp Women

CHANGE THE SCENERY FOR A NEW BOOST when you start your day with Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps.

Once you try Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps, you will realize that Indoor Gyms can be boring and the cardio equipment is monotonous.

But when you utilize the human body as the machine of choice, that’s when you activate the metabolism and become one with the activities at Fitness Boot Camps.

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THE “AFTER-BURN” EFFECT FOR WEIGHT LOSS Early morning exercise raises the metabolism to burn stored fat all throughout the day. What’s more, exercise is the greatest mood enhancer and it’s available for you to begin your day.

SUNLIGHT FOR MOOD ENHANCEMENT Enjoy the outdoors, good camaraderie and a scientifically designed program to put the fun back into fitness with a combination of endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN TAKE OUTDOORS TRX suspension training system–the most cutting-edge exercise technology available today. TRX enables you to get much more from your workout in a fraction of the time. Exercise modification is as easy as increasing or decreasing your body lean to fit individual capability.

View this short YouTube video to see what we do and who is doing it at “VegasFitness1″ channel in our Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQz4ZykGPOk 570 430[/youtube]