Weight Loss Boot Camp | Las Vegas 500Lb Man Day 48

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

Weight Loss Boot Camp Update!

500Lb Man Weight Loss Workout Progress at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas LIve-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas LIve-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

Pounds are coming down and fitness is going up at weight loss boot camp.

After 6 weeks of living, sleeping, eating, breathing fitness at weight loss camp — even a morbidly obese 500 Lb man gets results…fast.

When you leave your family and home behind, you depart from all the negative anchors and behavioral patterns that enabled more of the same habits. Those same old habits that you just can’t seem to kick on your own no matter how you try.  With no distractions, no enabling factors, even the most morbidly obese can embrace the athlete within.

A negative body image won’t last long with daily feats of improved efforts. The muscle building coupled with the faith building factor makes a man strong inside and out.  Starting out with a reasonable progression means that each day creates another stepping stone to a new life after weight loss boot camp.

See our updated video of day 48 highlights to date. Eight more days to go before he returns home with a whole new  lifestyle and routine to live by. The progress has only just begun here at our Las Vegas Weight Loss Boot Camp. Best of all, he claims to be having fun with each day’s personal best.

Live-in Fitness Las Vegas 500Lb Morbidly Obese Man 6-Week Highlights at Residential Weight Loss Camp

Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Residential Boot Camp 500Lb Man 6-Week Highlights

Morbidly Obese 500Lb Man at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 6-Week Highlights

Morbidly Obese 500Lb Man at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 6-Week Highlights

Even 500Lb morbidly obese men can workout.


Any way that they will!

At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness residential weight loss bootcamp, Debra Stefan, is your in-house trainer.  She finds your motivational drivers to create workout adventures. The biggest compliment her clients can give is when they say, “Wow, that was FUN and I got a great workout.”

First,  you find the right activities and a reasonable conditioning level to begin progress. Then each workout session becomes a personal best. This promotes a positive experience that begins a craving for more of the same. It’s fun and it’s good for you.  So why wouldn’t you want to continue this as a lifestyle?

Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Camp
Exercise activity selection for a morbidly obese 500Lb man begins with a reasonable assessment of what he is capable. Then a motivating and challenging progression is created with exercise variations and suitable modifications.

For example, he enjoys boxing conditioning drills but cannot stand up for an entire workout. Lying on a wrestling mat serves as a great alternative posture for kicking and punching drills. Lying on stomach, back, or sides enables both arm and leg movements. Body bridges with arms down alongside the body allow back support and leverage for lifting body weight. Pelvic and abdominal core muscles are exercised without strain on joints.

Seen in the photo here are TWO fifty foot ropes both an inch and a half in diameter tethered on a ground anchor for a total body effort. This is an all-out explosive effort for a short metabolic burst in a fat-burning interval circuit.  Also, as seen in the video below… plank pulls with the same two ropes in ONE hand! The core strength has definitely kicked in with week six.

See the 6-week live-in fitness camp highlights of a man who weighed 495Lbs when he first called Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.  He was a different person than he is now. Just see for yourself!

Take a moment to view Walter’s 30-day highlight video and you will see a 79-year-old senior man at fitness camp who has turned over a new leaf adopting a new lifestyle.


Live-In Weight Loss Camps– How Much Should It Cost to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss CampsAre weight loss camps in your future?

You need to do your homework on weight loss camps before making a financial commitment.

In the business of fitness and weight loss camps, professional services are prepaid in advance. That is because your financial commitment is generally the strongest method of getting you to follow through with your own self-promises. If you are going to make the most cost-effective decision in choosing among residential fitness and weight loss camps, there is much to consider.

So you are searching the Internet looking for live-in fitness and weight loss boot camps.

Google has brought you an array of results for live-in weight loss camps, adult fat  farms, biggest loser resorts, fitness retreats and adult fat camps. No matter what name they go by just keep the following in mind:

When it comes to weight loss, make sure that it is fat you will be losing. Remember: FATLOSS.

What I mean by that is that you can crash large amounts of weight off without losing fat. This will result in a lot of loose skin and lack of muscle tone. What you are doing is losing precious muscle by going into calorie deprivation. If that is the case, you will be in for more yo-yo dieting. Your metabolism will slow due to the reduced muscle and you will gain fat again. Ask the right questions to make sure you don’t sign up for the wrong method.

The first step is when you have already determined that you are ready to sign with one of the weight loss camps and to set aside the time.

There you will find an environment free from your negative behavior patterns and eating habits, which sabotage your efforts. Once and for all you have come to terms with the problems stopping you.

Now the next step is to decide which one of the many weight loss camps works for you.

If you are going to make the best decision in choosing a cost-effective program to get in shape and lose weight then you need to do your fat camp homework. Compare weight loss camps among the top on west coast and east coast. Will it be Las Vegas to live 24/7 in a private residential weight loss retreat? What about California for a live in fitness camp? Maybe it will be Utah to a weight loss resort, or Florida for a fitness vacation.

Which of the weight loss camps will teach you what to do once you are on your own back home?

Most all the Adult Fat Farms and weight loss camps have nutritionists and chefs to plan and prepare your meals for you. What happens when you get back home and haven’t practiced any of the recipes or food combining? Will you really understand correct portions of carbohydrates and proteins? You need hands-on practice to form new habits and duplicate the wellness lifestyle on your own at home.

When you find which of the weight loss camps actually teach you how to read labels, shop for the right foods, and learn to prepare them or even order the best menu choices then you have a wellness lifestyle. This knowledge will serve you the rest of your life. That makes it a good investment for your commitment and money. Otherwise, don’t get rid of your fat clothes yet.

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas

Weight Loss Camp | Morbid Obesity 429 Lbs to 353.5=75.5 Lbs Day 70

 Weight Loss Camp Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas Morbid Obesity Weightloss

Weight Loss Camp
Weight Loss Camp


Adult Weight Loss Camp|Obesity Camp| Live-in Fitness Las Vegas
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Fat-burning workouts at our Las Vegas live-in weight loss camp plus 6 small meals daily keep him going strong and getting lean.  See his YouTube channel and you can appreciate how far he has come since starting. He was unable to walk a few steps or stand more than a minute due to pain and pressure. 

Exercise must begin at a reasonable level to make progress without setback. We assess before we progress. That is the key to morbid obesity weight loss. at a weight loss camp.

He needed privacy and expert attention to guide his every move from the start. The risk involved in new activity without weighing risk versus benefit could have resulted in a devastating setback. Each workout and every activity sequence was  carefully considered in order to promote progress and reduce if not eliminate risk. A morbidly obese person is at risk due to the internal and structural pressure caused by the excessive body weight. The key is to select activities that can increase metabolism for weight loss, increase functional movement and lessen the impact of joint pressure.  Weight loss camp professionals will monitor your cross training to this effect.

A heart rate monitor is advised for all activities. Just about any type of new movement activity has the capability of escalating the heart rate of a morbidly obese person. Also a muscle, the heart needs time to strengthen without strain. Signs of overtraining must be watched. Inability to sleep and headaches are usually a strong indication of overtraining the heart.  Weight loss camp will usually provide a heart rate monitor.

Mens Weight Loss Camp | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 3-month program

Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp Las Vegas
From Mens Weightloss Camp

A 3-Month Visa to the USA for Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp and A New Lifestyle

From Mens Weightloss Camp

Buying two airline seats was getting old, so was needing seatbelt extensions.

He knew he needed a special environment for an extended stay to change his life and regain fitness. His searches couldn’t find him the right place for the right length of time with the right people, until he found the Mens Weight Loss Camp at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

Several years of working in IT was just too much sitting followed by too much overindulging.

It took a toll on fitness and his weight crept up continually.

He had tried many calorie deprivation programs and lost precious muscle. Each time the weight came right back on again with more than before.

Then, he finally got it.

Muscle must be spared while losing weight in order to maintain weight loss.

Mens Weight Loss Camp-Need 2 Airline Seats for ONE Man?
From Mens Weightloss Camp

Here is his story:

At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp … “My fitness and weightloss has far exceeded my expectations.”

My main consideration was being able to lose weight without sacrificing muscle. I have managed to put a lot of muscle size and strength while maintaining steady weight loss each week.

The activities are varied and cater to your own personal needs and interests.

I still have quite a bit of weight still to lose but my fitness is at such a high level that there aren’t any activities I can’t get involved in going forward. It has given me an exceptional kick start and all the tools I need to complete my weightloss goals.”

New Zealand, Age 34

 Mens Weight Loss Camp Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas


Someone finally got it right

After years and years of training people I have stumbled upon a program that can give a new life and happiness to anyone no matter what their condition!

LIVE-in-Fitness is the most comprehensive hands-on program for all people that I have ever seen. Its direction follows the same efforts both mentally and physically that I have used over the last three decades, but it is not just for athletes anymore. It is for anyone no matter what condition to build themselves both physically strong and mentally satisfied.

When the person you are meets the person you can be in this program, it allows you to become not only healthier, but also more confident in what you have to offer the world. Congratulations, LIVE-in-Fitness! Someone finally got it right.