Mens Weight Loss Camp Rebuilt Tony After Chemo | Las Vegas

Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas Rebuilt Former Athlete After Chemo

A Private Residential Mens Weight Loss Camp Gave Him A New Wellness Routine

Three Guys Daily Adventures at Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 in Las Vegas

David fulfilled his own self-promises at men’s senior weight loss camp.

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

This was a long-standing goal for David and he eagerly joined the two other younger men at the private residential weight loss camp.

He had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to lose weight and get back into shape.

Tony, age 53 was rebuilding his body after surviving cancer and chemotherapy. Donald, age 48 was on a mission to overcome health risks brought on by several years of self-neglect.

The three men bonded and set about on an adventure that pushed them all on to a much higher level than they had anticipated. See David’s video highlight story of his adventures at senior weight loss camp to see how it worked!

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David, Age 69
Monterrey, CA

Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlights| Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlight Video

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlights

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Highlights

Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp 60-Day Photo Highlights

Mens Live-in Boot Camp 60-Day Weight Loss Fitness, Las Vegas

Mens Live-in Boot Camp 60-Day Weight Loss Fitness, Las Vegas

By now you have a pretty good idea on what Mens Weight Loss Camp is like.

Just view the video and photo slideshow highlights; hear for yourself from an actual client who spent 60 days fulfilling his own self-promises. What happens is that you develop and build more than muscle. You build your own ability to believe in yourself. Self efficacy is the term. Build it daily when you build your health through the lifestyle choices of discipline and regimen.

That’s right; you will need to exercise more than your body at mens weight loss camp. You will exercise your ability to maintain discipline. By removing oneself from all the usual distractions, negative anchors, temptations, and old habits, you can establish your lifestyle of choice. Choose the right things over what seems easiest. Soon it becomes easy to do at home what you have learned and practiced at mens weight loss camp.

Thanks for viewing. Stay in touch because every month we have a few more lifestyles transformed here at the live-in fitness residence. We only have room for a few at a time because this is an actual residence, not a “facility”. You will live in fitness, not a luxury spa or institutional style compound.  It is really quite simple and easy to do once you have made the personal commitment to do it for yourself. Whether you have 10, 20 or 100-200Lbs to lose, everyone has to start the same way…make your mind right and the rest will follow.


Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness
From Mens Weightloss Camp

He got a 3-month visa, left his job in Amsterdam and travelled over 5,000 miles when he found Las Vegas Live-in Fitness mens weight loss camp.

After searching the world over via the mightly internet, he found the right Mens Weight Loss Camp at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

What appealed to him the most was the focus on muscle not calorie counting.  Placing the focus on macronutrients emphasizing muscle-sparing protein in proper proportion to energy producing carbohydrates was exactly what he knew he needed to do.

The Body-for-LIFE method places the focus on all the right nutrients to make you a lean, fat-burning machine. Most importantly, the weight lost is fat instead of muscle. Too often people celebrate scale weight loss while precious health is being lost by the way of calorie deprivation. Emphasis on calorie counting leaves out the nutrition necessary to support the weight loss. Without lean muscle mass the metabolism drops further and weight is regained even more readily. Miles had been on that yo-yo syndrome far too many times before. This time would be different.

Personal training and 24/7 supervision will get you on track to meet all your health and fitness goals. When you do all the right things all at the same time, great changes take place. Las Vegas Live-in Fitness accomodates 24/7 Mens Weight Loss Camp.

30-Day Weight Loss Camp for Men – 15Lbs and 4″ Off Belly!

Weight Loss Camp for Men
From Weightloss Camp for Men

Weight Loss Camp for Men- Client Averaged .5 Lb per day

When Ben planned his tour of the U.S. he searched for a weight loss camp for men as his first stop along the way.

His habits were self-sabotaging, so he sought a 30-day weight loss camp for men to change old behaviors and replace them with new ones.

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Weight Loss Camp | Morbid Obesity 429 Lbs to 353.5=75.5 Lbs Day 70

 Weight Loss Camp Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas Morbid Obesity Weightloss

Weight Loss Camp
Weight Loss Camp


Adult Weight Loss Camp|Obesity Camp| Live-in Fitness Las Vegas
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Fat-burning workouts at our Las Vegas live-in weight loss camp plus 6 small meals daily keep him going strong and getting lean.  See his YouTube channel and you can appreciate how far he has come since starting. He was unable to walk a few steps or stand more than a minute due to pain and pressure. 

Exercise must begin at a reasonable level to make progress without setback. We assess before we progress. That is the key to morbid obesity weight loss. at a weight loss camp.

He needed privacy and expert attention to guide his every move from the start. The risk involved in new activity without weighing risk versus benefit could have resulted in a devastating setback. Each workout and every activity sequence was  carefully considered in order to promote progress and reduce if not eliminate risk. A morbidly obese person is at risk due to the internal and structural pressure caused by the excessive body weight. The key is to select activities that can increase metabolism for weight loss, increase functional movement and lessen the impact of joint pressure.  Weight loss camp professionals will monitor your cross training to this effect.

A heart rate monitor is advised for all activities. Just about any type of new movement activity has the capability of escalating the heart rate of a morbidly obese person. Also a muscle, the heart needs time to strengthen without strain. Signs of overtraining must be watched. Inability to sleep and headaches are usually a strong indication of overtraining the heart.  Weight loss camp will usually provide a heart rate monitor.