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Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp Las Vegas
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A 3-Month Visa to the USA for Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp and A New Lifestyle

From Mens Weightloss Camp

Buying two airline seats was getting old, so was needing seatbelt extensions.

He knew he needed a special environment for an extended stay to change his life and regain fitness. His searches couldn’t find him the right place for the right length of time with the right people, until he found the Mens Weight Loss Camp at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

Several years of working in IT was just too much sitting followed by too much overindulging.

It took a toll on fitness and his weight crept up continually.

He had tried many calorie deprivation programs and lost precious muscle. Each time the weight came right back on again with more than before.

Then, he finally got it.

Muscle must be spared while losing weight in order to maintain weight loss.

Mens Weight Loss Camp-Need 2 Airline Seats for ONE Man?
From Mens Weightloss Camp

Here is his story:

At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp … “My fitness and weightloss has far exceeded my expectations.”

My main consideration was being able to lose weight without sacrificing muscle. I have managed to put a lot of muscle size and strength while maintaining steady weight loss each week.

The activities are varied and cater to your own personal needs and interests.

I still have quite a bit of weight still to lose but my fitness is at such a high level that there aren’t any activities I can’t get involved in going forward. It has given me an exceptional kick start and all the tools I need to complete my weightloss goals.”

New Zealand, Age 34

 Mens Weight Loss Camp Live-in Fitness, Las Vegas


Mens Weight Loss Camp for Morbid Obesity-Motivation

Mens Weight Loss Camp

Mens Weight Loss Camp

Mens Weight Loss Camp

Need a mens weight loss  camp, but not really sure?

Life expectancy of a moderately obese person is shortened by 5 years, but if you are Morbidly obese you can lose up to 20 years of life. That’s not all. The incidence of diabetes and many other health complications will reduce the quality of life to the point that before you know it… you become a spectator. Don’t resign yourself to being a non-participant in life.

Join a Mens Weight Loss Camp!

Challenge yourself daily by taking one more step than yesterday. Enlist a support group to keep you going. Learn to believe in your own self-promises. Know that when you say you will do something that it will come about. Live life …Live-in Fitness! 

My name is Debra Stefan, owner/operator of Las Vegas Live in Fitness. The three men you see in this video have made a commitment to turn their lives around. They are climbing out of the deep abyss of being morbidly obese—400 lbs and more! They are pushing ahead to reach new goals each day, losing weight and getting in the best shape of their lives.

One of these men has traveled half-way around the world on a 3 month visa to reach his goals here at Las Vegas Live in Fitness. Another one turned his entire business over to his family so he could come all the way across the country from New England to the Nevada desert to train with us. …And one of these men started out at 434 lbs and barely able to walk across the room without gasping for breath—at age 27!!

Look at them now, in just a matter of weeks the improvements are astonishing. Yes, they still have a way to go. In their minds, they are already there.

 If you are morbidly or even moderately obese, let this be an inspiration to you. If these three can do it, what is stopping you?

You’ve tried and keep gaining? Mens Weight Loss Camp could be your answer.