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Training Programs for Morbid Obesity Camp

Morbidly Obese Weight Loss Camp Training is Specialized
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Morbid Obesity Camp | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weightloss Retreat transforms lifestyles.

 A Different Approach is Necessary for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps  



The use of trekking poles for walking, is essential for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps.

Trekking poles are essential for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps.
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Corey Dillaha’s chief complaint in functional ability was his inability to stand or walk for more than brief moments. With the poles, he can off load just enough pressure from his legs and assist with his upper body. This made a remarkable difference, that on his fourth day the poles enabled him to work up to twenty minutes of walking with a 5-minute rest halfway.    

Another personal best this morning happened after breakfast. For his second workout, he decided to do his 20-minute cardio walk on the trekking poles solo. It worked out great, He felt empowered and confident. Corey even had me video him while addressing the friends back home. Back to rest with his legs elevated and ice therapy for nature’s most nature anti-inflammatory aid on healing muscles until the 10AM boot camp.   

Day THREE: An important assist for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps is to have relief seating readily available.

An exercise ball is easy to roll out for immediate seated recovery. Make sure that the ball is one like Duraball Pro burst proof with 2,000 lb rating. These are tested against heavy weight lifting and can be trusted whereas not just any exercise ball will be reliable for your extra large clients. Boxing drills were added on day three. Although time spent standing was limited, weight shifting with the locomotion helped so much that by day six on Saturday Corey was able to complete a distance of 50 feet without stopping to sit down on his exercise ball.   

Day FIVE: Ball tossing and catching drills on the Bosu Balance Trainer inspired him to try his juggling skills while balancing.

Corey’s confidence with his balance and mobility is through the roof now. This morning’s workout was by far the most animated.   It went great and we videoed the session for all to see. Polishing off the workout with some abdominal work on the Bosu, he felt inspired to talk into the camera for the folks back home who are watching his progress. As he finds himself evangelizing, we call him a witness for fitness!   

Day SIX: Saturday was first unofficial Fitness At Large Meetup, offering a special support group for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps.

Corey held his own in a small group where he performed some medicine ball drills that we previously practiced with partner throwing outdoors. We brought along his Duraball to sit on for recovery and he was able to alternate sitting and standing throughout the medicine ball wall drills. He agreed that the seated medicine ball throwing drills were well targeted to the core of his midsection. This proved to be a great alternative when standing became fatiguing. Our group then proceeded with jump rope walking maneuvers, boxing drills, and the highlight was tornado ball against the block wall of the gym.   

Day 7: Corey lost 12 pounds in one week of just weight loss camp preconditioning.

Not bad for just starting to gear up. We call this “getting in shape to get in shape”. The highlight of our seventh-day progression was to introduce kneeling balance drills on the stability ball. After a week of working on the ball and the Bosu, the basic four-point dynamic balance for one minute was a quick victory for Corey. He can’t wait to do the kneeling stance with hands free for catching and throwing drills as seen on my YouTube channel.   

A word about using a monitor for the Morbidly Obese at Weight Loss Camps: purchase one that operates without a chest strap.

Corey has a 67” chest circumference so wearing a chest strap was not an option.  He is wearing a heart rate monitor during all workouts and it was very important to help him keep in check during the more intense intervals. Since today’s new adventure featured sledgehammer drills on a truck tire, he could easily be at risk for overtraining were it not for the heart rate monitor. He enjoyed the movement so the workout went great and he is clearly into this now.    

Exercise outdoors is not only motivating, but offers great sensory stimulation to create an enjoyable weight loss camp experience.

Behind our fitness residence, a scenic mountain ridge of red and gold is nature’s backdrop to the north and east. A westerly view of the Las Vegas skyline spans north and south. Corey’s trekking workouts are done on an asphalt pathway overlooking the seventh hole of our golf course. As much as possible, workouts are done outside on our sport court or in any number of available fitness-worthy areas.   

Corey says he has enjoyed every workout and each of the exercises introduced. This is a very receptive client who is eager for change. After our day seven weigh-in, we took a Sunday breakfast outing to a local restaurant. The food was great, but he decided he was full and pushed the plate away. This was the first time in his lifetime of overeating that he can remember doing that.  

Corey agreed with me that nothing could taste better than having a fit physique. He has missed the feeling of being physically fit for many years and is now getting a taste. Although the sacrifice of being away from home and family was difficult, the rewards of morbid obesity camp are priceless.

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Fat-burning workouts at our Las Vegas live-in weight loss camp plus 6 small meals daily keep him going strong and getting lean.  See his YouTube channel and you can appreciate how far he has come since starting. He was unable to walk a few steps or stand more than a minute due to pain and pressure. 

Exercise must begin at a reasonable level to make progress without setback. We assess before we progress. That is the key to morbid obesity weight loss. at a weight loss camp.

He needed privacy and expert attention to guide his every move from the start. The risk involved in new activity without weighing risk versus benefit could have resulted in a devastating setback. Each workout and every activity sequence was  carefully considered in order to promote progress and reduce if not eliminate risk. A morbidly obese person is at risk due to the internal and structural pressure caused by the excessive body weight. The key is to select activities that can increase metabolism for weight loss, increase functional movement and lessen the impact of joint pressure.  Weight loss camp professionals will monitor your cross training to this effect.

A heart rate monitor is advised for all activities. Just about any type of new movement activity has the capability of escalating the heart rate of a morbidly obese person. Also a muscle, the heart needs time to strengthen without strain. Signs of overtraining must be watched. Inability to sleep and headaches are usually a strong indication of overtraining the heart.  Weight loss camp will usually provide a heart rate monitor.

Weight Loss Camp for Morbidly Obese, Las Vegas NV

Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Camp

Morbidly Obese Weight Loss Camp for Men

Morbidly Obese Weight Loss Camp for Men

Las Vegas Live-in Fitness offers a weight loss camp for men who are morbidly obese.

Personalized attention in a private residential fitness and weight loss camp provides a discreet opportunity for you to transform yourself.

What Exercise Does A Morbidly Obese 430Lb Man Do If He Can Barely Walk or Stand?

430 Lb Man At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp

430 Lb Man At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp

As a former athlete and collegiate wrestler, Corey Dillaha never dreamed that a weight loss camp would be part of his future.

Article first published as How Does a 430 Lb Man Start an Exercise Program When he Can Barely Walk or Stand? on Technorati.

Corey gradually slipped into a sedentary lifestyle for 20 years due to his dedication in driving for the family trucking business. To compound the situation, a year and a half ago a serious motorcycle accident resulted in 6 weeks of hospitalization. The debilitating pain and muscle atrophy caused Corey to slip even further down the spiral of inactivity and weight gain. Long after healing, with a body weight that teetered 450 lbs, he found that he was unable to regain his former abilities.  

The good news is that even for a 430-pound man, exercise is the medicine for fitness and weight loss camp offers a fresh start.

The answer to how training should begin for a person of any age or condition is to assess and then progress. Corey’s first week of progress should encourage just about anyone who faces the challenge of regaining health and fitness.  Almost immediately upon beginning his live-in weight loss program, Corey is seeing dormant muscle and motor movement reactivating. Daily personal bests are occurring with each workout. Each day’s workout progress is astounding. The human body craves and thrives on movement. With a tentative approach, my goal as his personal trainer is to discover his capabilities beginning with the least challenging exercises and progressing until he reaches a level of reasonable effort. A positive sense of accomplishment builds for the next successful achievement. Each approach is a revelation for Corey to learn that he can actually activate dormant muscle and realize capabilities he hadn’t used in years.  

 The UBE upper body ergometer was his first exercise session and  this arm bike workout is a mainstay at our weight loss camp.

Seated in his special chair (rated for 500 lbs) he works a bilateral hand crank with adjustable resistance varying his RPMs. This method of cardiovascular conditioning is said to be 50% more beneficial than treadmill exercise. The best thing about it is that it allows him to work in a non-weight bearing position and still increase his heart rate for conditioning. The catalyst for increased benefit is the addition of oxygen. Corey hand bikes while breathing concentrated oxygen. Clinical recommendation is 20 minutes for energizing and recovery. First thing upon arising and after each workout, he exercises while on oxygen.  

Basic Kettlebell technique was learned with two-handed swinging practiced first with ten pounds, then progressing to 18 and 26-pound kettle bells. Short bouts of all exercise drills followed by sitting on the exercise ball allowed Corey to recover from the leg fatigue under his 429 lbs. He seems to do better during locomotion drills rather than static standing. This could be that he is preoccupied with the motor coordination or it could be that weight shifting is just enough change of leg pressure to allow him to continue longer. Both concepts are positive factors in getting him to increase activity duration.  

With that same concept, I have Corey doing walking drills while whirling a jump rope with a figure eight pattern in opposition to each step. He does it well and claims that the additional upper body can be felt in his core as well as adding cardio effort.  

The best body activator has proven to be the balance work. Right after the arm bike workout in his support chair, I then progressed him to a seated position on an exercise ball. The ball being used for Corey is a 75” Duraball Pro that is 2,000 pound rated and burst proof. From a simple progression of sitting to weight shifting, he was able to roll himself out on his back and then roll up to a seated posture while activating his core muscles. This ball is now his seat of choice. His very first weight workout was done while lying on the ball. He did dumbbell chest presses, flyes, and pullovers. It went exceedingly well and my assistant trainer agreed that he had never seen a client adapt so readily to these challenges. Porting around the additional weight has given him certain strengths. It was a very encouraging first day of training.  

The Bosu Balance Trainer was our next adventure. This has proven to be the fast track to strengthen the feet and lower extremities along with increasing balance. With the Bosu in the middle of a doorway, Corey was able to begin his progress by holding onto both sides of the doorway. He practiced step-ups and then achieved 30-second static stances until his feet and legs burned and he had to stop to sit for recovery. With each of the last seven days this week, Corey’s performance ability during his first week at weight loss camp has increased ten-fold.