Weight Loss Camps Use This Highly Effective and Free Exercise Tool (that You Can Create Yourself)


  Weight Loss Camps Should All Teach This!

From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

If you could take a pill and be in shape, then no one would need a weight loss camp, would they?  Unfortunately, such a pill doesn’t exist. 

What would you say if I told you that you could follow five simple steps to accomplish the same weight loss result?  You would do it, wouldn’t you? Okay then; let’s get started with the five basic steps to creating your very own foolproof weight loss tool. With your own personally created tool, you can have your magic pill and get in the ideal physical condition. You will soon see the magic in how this works. Volumes have been written and details have been debated. However, there is one common denominator to each of the steps outlined. See if you can identify it. The answer will be revealed shortly.

 1. Tell everyone that you are starting a weight loss program.

Too often people tend to be reluctant to announce their weight loss intentions just in case they don’t follow through so they can avoid embarrassment. Use this to your advantage. Create a built in system of success for yourself by letting everyone that you interact with know about your weight loss plan. People really don’t expect you to stick to it and they are eager to ask how you are doing with your weight loss program. If they don’t exercise themselves they may be secretly hoping that you will not succeed so that they can continue to justify not doing so themselves. When you do succeed, they will become uncomfortable with themselves because they know that if you can do it so can they. Make them motivated by your weight loss success when you happily report your progress. Knowing that people will be asking you how it is going on a daily basis will keep you motivated because of the positive pressure created.

2. Keep an weight loss journal.

No one lies in a personal diary. The fact is that if you do keep a weight loss journal you will be completely honest to yourself with everything you write in it. Since you don’t want to spoil your perfect entries of compliance to your program, you will do one of two things. You will adhere to your self-promises and write them in your weight loss journal, or you will stop keeping the journal. It is that predictable. Keep the diary and you won’t play tricks on yourself. 

3. Take pictures, measurements, scale weight, and record your weight loss. 

Yes, the mind does play tricks on you. Unless you take the pictures, document your measurements and scale weight, you will not be able to fully recognize your physical reality. You will not be able to determine your weight loss progress.  You will simply live in a fantasy world of denial. Face the music and document the facts. Many people are reluctant to take “before” pictures and they only want to consider taking the “after”; without a “before” there is no “after”. Your mind will play tricks on you when you see your pictures with nothing to compare them against. You will be in denial of ever looking any different than you do now. Take the pictures and give yourself a wakeup call to action. 

4. Exercise in a weight loss group.

When you exercise in a group, especially if it is a personalized experience with a great instructor, participants will form attachments. Being attached to the instructor, the other participants, positive benefits and the sense of accomplishment will hold you to the program. Doing exercise alone does not allow as many social benefits, nor does it hold you to a scheduled plan that cannot be put off until later. If you should miss a workout, you will surely hear about it from the others who missed you. Personal recognition when belonging to a group is an important element in holding you to your weight loss program.

5. Arrange EFT prepayment. 

The standard procedure in the fitness business is that the client prepays services in advance. This is why live-in weight loss camps are so successful now. Face it. Unless you show up to exercise, you will receive no weight loss benefit from the most well planned workout by the best trainer on the planet. Exercise psychology predicts that when a client has previously committed to take a workout, they will be likely to follow through. The strongest commitment that works for most people is the financial commitment. When you have prepaid funds at stake, you will think twice about cancelling at the last minute or hitting the snooze button again. 

Now you have the five steps to creating your most effective exercise tool and it is better than any make believe weight loss pill. Make it real for yourself and get the results you want. Know what the common denominator is for my five steps? 


 Create it.

 A Highly Effective and Free Exercise Tool that You Can Create Yourself  Article first published on Technorati by Debra Stefan, Owner/Operator of Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp.

Healthy Resolution: More Home Cooking!

weight loss salad

weight loss salad

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Healthy meals don’t have to be complicated. To qualify as an “authorized meal” you must include a portion of lean protein, and fresh vegetables –simple as that!

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