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25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations from Weight Loss Camp Pros

Weight Loss Camp utilizes powerful proven success strategies including positive affirmations

Whether you spend time at a weight loss camp or self-train, positive self-talk is crucial for success.

Weight Loss Camp | 25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Camp | 25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations for Weight Loss

A version of this article by Debra Stefan was first published as Do Positive Affirmations Really Work? on Technorati.

Retraining your thinking is the first step in bringing about change and that is exactly why weight loss camp experts get results for their clients.  Sure, you can place a person under strict supervision, constant motivation, and provide the healthiest nutrition. However, the weight that is lost is often regained if old thinking patterns have not been replaced with new, supportive ones.

Start by cancelling all “stinking thinking”. Every time you catch yourself saying or thinking negatively, reframe it. Anthony Robbins popularized this cognitive drill of spinning any situation to the most positive viewpoint. Take Christopher Reeves of Superman fame. When he became a paraplegic,  he viewed himself as the best person for the job because he could use his celebrity status with the media to make gains toward stem cell research. He truly believed that his position was worthwhile in fulfilling his purpose.  Therefore, he was not a victim.

The prisoners of Auschwitz who survived did so because they did not let their dire circumstances under Nazi rule change their thinking.

Weight Loss Camp Secret: The Mind Must Change Before The Scales Do

The responsibility of mind control or cognitive thinking is clearly up to the individual and no one else. Success proven tools and techniques can be helpful when the subject is receptive. Being receptive means that you must clear away previous mind clutter from past failures and adopt the Zen mindset. The Zen mind is known as the beginner’s mind. It is a clean slate free of any previous impressions.  Only then, can the receptivity begin.

Be Receptive for The Best Result

Make sure that when you listen to positive affirmations that you are truly in a receptive mode. Be alone and not distracted. Clear you head of any other concerns. Just as a hypnotherapist would prepare a client for positive suggestion under hypnosis, you can prepare for a self-induction.  Begin to foresee your own outcome as favorable and the power of your mind can and will bring it about.

The use of positive affirmation audios is a powerful and effective tool.

The recent technology of personal devices enables audio files to be downloaded, played and shared anytime and anywhere.  Tools are effective only when used for the right job. Here is a tool customized for the task of exercise motivation and exercise adherence. Take a three-minute break several times daily until you have accomplished the brain reset needed. The exercise effect itself will take over from there and you will be on your way to a disciplined routine. Even more effective than reading a list, I am providing you with an audio I produced for the purpose of sharing abundantly.

When is the last time someone gave you such a valuable tool?

The true value is realized only when it is used effectively so I am glad you read this far and hope you are truly receptive. Let me know how my free audio works for you!
For more affirmations audios, visit this page.

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Live-in Fitness Las Vegas 500Lb Morbidly Obese Man 6-Week Highlights at Residential Weight Loss Camp

Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Residential Boot Camp 500Lb Man 6-Week Highlights

Morbidly Obese 500Lb Man at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 6-Week Highlights

Morbidly Obese 500Lb Man at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 6-Week Highlights

Even 500Lb morbidly obese men can workout.


Any way that they will!

At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness residential weight loss bootcamp, Debra Stefan, is your in-house trainer.  She finds your motivational drivers to create workout adventures. The biggest compliment her clients can give is when they say, “Wow, that was FUN and I got a great workout.”

First,  you find the right activities and a reasonable conditioning level to begin progress. Then each workout session becomes a personal best. This promotes a positive experience that begins a craving for more of the same. It’s fun and it’s good for you.  So why wouldn’t you want to continue this as a lifestyle?

Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Camp
Exercise activity selection for a morbidly obese 500Lb man begins with a reasonable assessment of what he is capable. Then a motivating and challenging progression is created with exercise variations and suitable modifications.

For example, he enjoys boxing conditioning drills but cannot stand up for an entire workout. Lying on a wrestling mat serves as a great alternative posture for kicking and punching drills. Lying on stomach, back, or sides enables both arm and leg movements. Body bridges with arms down alongside the body allow back support and leverage for lifting body weight. Pelvic and abdominal core muscles are exercised without strain on joints.

Seen in the photo here are TWO fifty foot ropes both an inch and a half in diameter tethered on a ground anchor for a total body effort. This is an all-out explosive effort for a short metabolic burst in a fat-burning interval circuit.  Also, as seen in the video below… plank pulls with the same two ropes in ONE hand! The core strength has definitely kicked in with week six.

See the 6-week live-in fitness camp highlights of a man who weighed 495Lbs when he first called Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.  He was a different person than he is now. Just see for yourself!

Take a moment to view Walter’s 30-day highlight video and you will see a 79-year-old senior man at fitness camp who has turned over a new leaf adopting a new lifestyle.


Are You Contemplating a Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery?

When your weight loss efforts have failed, you need to compare a Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass. Here is the newsflash:

Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gone Bad

Study: 1 In 50 People Die Within A Month Of Surgery

A CBS news documentary followed a gastric bypass patient who did not consider Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass.

He succeeded in losing weight and then died shortly.

Dave Weindel died three weeks after his surgery at age 38. His case was not a complete anomaly. Really. That was supposed to be the success story to prove weight loss, but it proved the risk of death instead.

If you haven’t pondered the question of Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery you should.

Most overweight people who have reached obesity level have considered gastric Bypass.

However, that is a fool’s way out.

I am sorry to tell you that in spite of all the hype about finding weight loss success through gastric bypass surgery, it is just not true. That’s right. This is my blog and I am here to point out facts to consider when comparing Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Tune into NBC’s hit TV show and watch the progress of obese and morbidly obese people at the Biggest Loser Camp.

Even though you truly believe that you have tried everything…

The truth is that you have failed to do all the right things all at the same time!

That is why you need to compare Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery to save your mental and physical health.

Yes. Your emotional health will never return to full confidence and the ability to believe that you can take control of your life and body. The Body-for-Life method teaches that when you take control of your body that is when you actually start to take control of your life. Read the book because it has been a best-seller since 1999 and Body-for-LIFE is by far the most important self-help book of the millennium to this day. Many others followed suit, but this is the real McCoy.

Obviously, gastric bypass surgery is an extremely drastic decision and measure to take when you are trying to lose weight. This is a surgery that is going to make it physically impossible to eat in the same manner that you have been eating up until now. You won’t even be able to eat like a normal weight person because of the fact that your God-given system has been surgically altered to try and beat Mother Nature. I will not spend time here reviewing the high incidence of death and complications. All of this means that you really need to try other methods of losing weight first.

You can review that on another Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery article.

So which kind of requirements does your doctor look for to make sure that you are a good candidate for this sort of surgery? People who are given permission to have gastric bypass surgery have to first prove that they aren’t able to lose weight using healthier methods of doing so. In order to be considered for the surgery most people need to have at least a forty body mass index. People whose body mass indexes are between thirty-five and thirty-nine can also qualify for the surgery if they are suffering from weight related health risks like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Having surgery to correct unhealthy weight isn’t a choice that any person should make quickly or lightly. You need to consider every one of the options that are available to you and weigh them equally. It is imperative that you educate yourself as to the risks that come with it. This surgery has induced some individuals to develop serious health concerns and many have died. 

When you complete your comparison of Weight Loss Camp vs Gastric Bypass Surgery you will also find that the cost of a Live in Weight Loss camp is far less than an expensive life-threatening surgery.

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas

The Simple Ways to Attain Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight LossEveryday Ways to Healthy Weight Loss

You already realize that your diet needs to be well balanced and nutritious for Healthy Weight Loss.

You need to get a good amount of exercise for Healthy Weight Loss and there is no way around that.

Unfortunately, we do not always have the time or the energy that this type of lifestyle requires. When our workday is done, most people just don’t feel like they want to go to the gym. People crave sweets and salts, not veggies. There are simple and easy everyday ways to discover that becoming healthy doesn’t have to be that hard.

 The difficulty comes when you don’t do the right things to find Healthy Weight Loss. Forget about the drastic shortcuts and learn the good old-fashioned everyday ways to change your life, the way you look and feel. The benefits of daily exercise are accumulative. That means that every little thing you do adds up. No, you don’t have to block out a whole hour to make it count. Work the little things into your daily routine and see how quickly your results  come.

If you keep at it, you’ll get all of the required exercise and food for Healthy Weight Loss.

Here are some of the best techniques to learn everyday ways to Healthy Weight Loss as taught at the professional Weight Loss Camps.

When you go grocery shopping, be smart about it. When you make good decisions at the grocery store, your meals will get healthier immediately. Think about it: you aren’t going to want to cope with a busy store or a long drive through line at the end of the day. You want to get home immediately and have something great. Make sure that what you have at home is healthy. Plan your shopping and your prep time to have the right foods ready to go when you open that fridge. That’s the right kind of convenience food!

Take the stairs.

Rather than riding an elevator, take the stairs to the floor you live or work on. While this will be hard to do if you live on or if your job is on a extremely high level floor in a skyscraper, taking the stairs to a home or office on, say, the fifth floor is totally do-able. Even if your office or home is on one of the top floors, you can decide to get off of the elevator early and take the stairs the rest of the way. Most people will decide to be sluggish and take an elevator instead of opting for exercise on the stairs. Even just a individual flight of stairs, when walked up or down a few times a day–can be a great improvement to your system. Again, each time you make these efforts you are adding to total exercise benefit at the end of the day toward Healthy Weight Loss.

Drink water, not other drinks.

 Having a soda or cup of coffee every so often won’t hurt you too badly. Getting all of your hydration from them is a terrible idea. Choosing water as opposed to other beverage adds to your body’s health and allows it stay hydrated. Doing this helps you cut hundreds of calories out of your diet without your having to suffer through a lot of denial later on. Water is often one of the keys to Healthy Weight Loss.

There are many factorsthat play into getting a healthy way of everyday life.

Not all of them demand fancy gym memberships or restricted diets. It is the little things you choose on a daily basis that really help you with weight loss and getting healthy. Remember that is is what you do most of the time that will cause the result you get. Being intelligent when you choose your food and routines is where it begins. Getting as much exercise as possible is another factor. The numbers on the scale aren’t the only indication of your health levels. Healthy Weight Loss has more to do with making your body as powerful as it can be.

Weight Loss Camp Pros say, “5 foods that you should never eat”

Weight Loss Camp Pro Advice
From Live-in Fitness Las Vegas Weightloss Camp

Weight Loss Camp Pros Clear Up Confusion

Weight Loss Camp Pros cut through the confusion and make things really simple for you.

The world of fitness and weight loss camp is often confusing, with contradictory information swirling about. I’m going to cut through the confusion and make things really simple for you. Below is a list of 5 foods that you should never eat. These foods will derail your fitness and weight loss efforts every single time.

In addition, I will suggest a healthy substitute for each of these off-limits foods. By simply swapping out the items below you will quickly and effortlessly become healthier, leaner and fitter than you are today.

Weight Loss Camp Pros say: Do-Not-Eat #1: Anything Fried

Try This #1: Broiled

Fried food is loaded with fat and calories while offering zero nutritional value. It’s a lose-lose! Sure, fries and chips TASTE good, but healthier items also taste good. Just say no to the deep fried items on your menu. You’ll be thinner, healthier and won’t have greasy fingers. If you simply must have a French fry, then make them at home in your oven. Use sweet potatoes, as these are a more complex carbohydrate. Cut into matchsticks, drizzle with a tablespoon of olive oil along with a dash of salt, then place in your oven on broil. Mix every 5 minutes until the fries are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Weight Loss Camp Pros say: Do-Not-Eat #2: White Bread

Try This #2: Sprouted Grain Bread

Weight Loss Camp- Whole Grains

Weight Loss Camp- Whole Grains

White bread products have zero nutritional value and are quickly converted by your body into sugar. So you may as well eat a cupcake. Even breads that are technically wheat, but are as soft and smooth as white bread, should be avoided. Don’t be afraid to discard the bread from your sandwich or to push away that bread basket. Your waist will shrink and you’ll lose that bloated feeling that high carbohydrate meals give you.

If you must have bread, then stick with sprouted. Sprouted grain bread is a lot easier on your digestion and is packed full of nutrients. Two delicious brands are Food For Life’s Ezekiel bread, and Manna Organics. Sprouted grain breads are often kept in the freezer section since they don’t contain preservatives to prolong shelf life.

Weight Loss Camp Pros say: Do-Not-Eat #3: Creamy Salad Dressing

Try This #3: Vinegar Dressing

You were so good to order a salad, but then you ruined it by drenching the salad in fattening creamy dressing. Just a few tablespoons of creamy dressing contain more than 20 grams of fat and hundreds of calories. Salad dressing is meant to lend flavor to the salad, not fat and calories. Vinegar-based dressings pack amazing flavor in with minimal fat and calories. You can even mix your own dressing at home. Take high quality vinegar, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper, your choice of dried herbs, and a bit of olive oil.

Weight Loss Camp Pros say: Do-Not-Eat #4: White Rice

Try This #4: Brown Rice

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that white rice is not a healthy choice. Just like white bread, white rice has zero nutritional value – other than calories. Fiber and vitamins have been removed and the glycemic load will quickly prime your body for storing fat. Brown rice has three times the amount of fiber, more B vitamins as well as other nutrients, won’t sky rocket your blood, and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. That should be enough to convince you to swap your large pile of white rice out for a small pile of brown rice. Do-Not-Eat #5: White Sugar Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the epitome of anti-fitness food. Nothing will destroy your progress, expand your waist and plummet your energy levels like sugar will. If you only take away one do-not-eat food from this article please let it be sugar.

Weight Loss Camp Pros say: Try This #5: Fruit

Don’t turn to artificial sweeteners to get your sweet fix, instead turn to nature’s wholesome source of sugar: fruit. Eat organic fruit that is seasonal and locally grown. Stay away from dried fruit and fruit juices, as these are high in simple calories. Eating right, along with challenging exercise, is the formula for a toned, lean body – so guarantee your results by teaming up with me. Together we will come up with a fitness plan that is uniquely yours, one that fits your lifestyle and brings you promptly to your goals.

If you’re feeling depressed or stressed then studies show that you’re probably going to overeat. And when you gain weight from overeating you’ll end up feeling more depressed and stressed. How is this vicious cycle broken? With a consistent and challenging exercise routine. Call or email Debra at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp today to get started.

Weight Loss Camp | How to Care for Your Back When Starting a Weightloss Workout


Weight Loss Camp- Back Pain Muscle Soreness

Weight Loss Camp- Back Pain Muscle Soreness

Weight Loss Camp Pros Tell You How to Care for Your Back

Weight Loss Camp Tips: Starting a Workout Program with a “Bad Back”?

One of the most common complaints for clients at weight loss camp who are  just starting an exercise program is back pain.

Back pain, especially for the overweight person going through weight loss camp, is mostly in the lower back. While many people may assume that they just have a bad back, the real reason for this pain is deconditioned muscles. This means that the muscles are weak from having little to no physical activity. Obesity or other unhealthy habits such as smoking can also contribute to muscle weakness. While it can be tempting to give up at the first sign of back soreness, you shouldn’t give up on your exercise program, as it will help strengthen your back muscles and keep you from getting sore in the future. However, it is important to care for a sore back in the early stages of a workout program in order to avoid injury.

Here are some weight loss camp tips to help a sore back for those just beginning and exercise regime.

Weight Loss Camp Tip # 1. Stretch – One of the most important things you can do after exercise to reduce muscle soreness is to stretch. Stretching releases lactic acid, which builds up during strenuous exercise and causes muscles to be sore. However, improper stretching can cause injury. Don’t strain yourself, keep your muscles relaxed, and hold the stretch without bouncing or moving. Whether or not you are on a weight loss camp program, if you are working with a trainer or therapist, have him or her show you stretches for your back that you can do after exercising.

Weight Loss Camp Tip # 2. Rest – If you find that you are still sore after stretching or your soreness prevents you from doing other activities, resting may help. Soreness can also be caused by inflamed muscles and rest can help bring down the inflammation. For back pain, lying down flat in a comfortable place is best. Make sure you are getting enough sleep as well so that you give your muscles time to recover. Keep in mind that too much rest – or giving up your workout program – will cause the muscles to weaken and won’t help you deal with soreness in the future.

Weight Loss Camp-Ice Therapy for Back and Other Muscles

Weight Loss Camp-Ice Therapy for Back and Other Muscles

Weight Loss Camp Tip # 3. Ice/Heat Therapy – Back muscle soreness can also be relieved with ice and heat therapy. During the first 2 or 3 days of soreness or after an injury, use an ice pack as this will help soothe inflamed muscles. If you have chronic pain or a sustained injury, applying heat to your back opens up blood vessels and gets blood flowing to the sore area to repair the muscles. Keep in mind that both ice and heat should be applied for about 15-20 minutes at a time, then removed for about 20-30 minutes before being applied again.

Weight Loss Camp-Take it Easy with Back Pain

Weight Loss Camp-Take it Easy with Back Pain

Weight Loss Camp Tip # 4. Easy Exercise – If you find that your back often gets sore because of exercise, try doing easier exercises until your back heals. Once you get stronger, you can move up to harder exercises. This way, your back muscles will gradually strengthen and stop getting sore after physical activity.

Weight Loss Camp Tip # 5. Good Shoes – One thing that exercise beginners don’t always think about is footwear. A good pair of tennis shoes will help your back from getting sore during exercise. Shoes that are designed for exercise and that provide adequate support will absorb some of the impact on your body during a workout. If your shoes are worn out or not made for exercise, perhaps you should get a new pair.

Weight Loss Camp Pro, Brenda Lawrence  owns the site Physical Therapy Aide for students interested in a career as a physical therapy aide; she is a physical therapist whose specialties include rehabilitation and weight loss.