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So just what CAN you eat when striving to lose excess body fat, maintain muscle, improve energy, look and feel better?

As with anything, there will be choices of "good", "better", and "best". We want to aim for the "best" most of the time. Then there will be times when "better" is chosen over "good". The result will be affected by what you do MOST of the time. Avoid discouragement if you have a few indescretions here and there. In the words of Bill Phillips, author of the best-selling book "Body-for-LIFE"...

"Focus on Progress, Not Perfection."

Nutrition consultation, fat-loss plan, and eating strategy at any Weight Loss Camp for Adults should follow Body-for-LIFE Rules and Guidelines. In fact, the book is required reading at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness. Get your copy of "Body-for-LIFE" and start it reading today. In it you will find the list of authorized foods to choose from during your weight loss program. Also recommended is Bill Phillips' "Eating for Life" principles and recipe book.

  • Consume six small meals a day, one every two to three hours

  • A meal is a portion of protein and carbohydrates with each meal

  • Amount of a portion compares to the size of the palm of your hand or fist

  • Stick to only authorized food listed

  • Add a portion of vegetables to at least two meals daily

  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day

  • Use performance-nutrition shakes no more than twice daily

  • Plan your meals in advance, and record what you eat

  • Plan your grocery list based on authorized foods list

  • Take a free day after completing 6 days of the program

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesAuthorized Foods List

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesFood Preference Selection

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesNutritional Needs Assessment Session

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesGrocery List Preparation & Discussion

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesGrocery Store Tour

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesFood Preparation

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesOn-Site Meal Planning to tailor meals while at Live-in Fitness Residence

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesSelf-Monitoring Journaling Method

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesDaily individual follow-up consultations

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesFive-Six healthy meals and snacks each day

Food Preference Selection
Grocery List Preparation & Discussion
Grocery Store Tour
Food Preparation
On-Site Meal Planning to tailor meals while at Live-in Fitness Residence
Self-Monitoring Journaling Method
Daily individual follow-up consultations
Five-Six healthy meals and snacks each day
Hands-On Active Cooking and Nutritional Analysis
Mindful Meals Mindset
Dining Out Experiences
Residential Fitness After-Care Plan
Nutrient Goals for Weight Maintenance
Meal Plans and Menus
Wide variety of additional nutrition resources and muscle toning plans
Disclaimer: *The above listed nutrition services are in alliance with the Body-for-LIFE method. These methods are easy to learn and are effective for general needs and requirements. Professional dieticians are not on staff and we do not intend to replace the recommendations of your personal physician should you have specific issues. Furthermore, we are not an eating disorder, alcohol, or drug treatment center.
**We are not employees, representatives, or affilitates for Body-for-LIFE. We recommend both the book and methods as tools for fitness and weight loss.

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