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Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Camp

Live-In and Drop-In Weight Loss Bootcamp

Las Vegas Live-in Fitness of Henderson, NV

500 Lb Morbidly Obese Man at Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas

500 Lb Man Learns to Live Wellness Lifestyle in 8 Weeks of Weight Loss Camp

A self-described "train wreck", this man of 52 year had focused more on what he could not do than what he could. With 24/7 supervision, he developed a new mindset to embrace what he could do and build on that with a reasonable progression. Day by day, eight weeks of progress accumulated benefits that he never thought he would attain for himself. He is a changed man and his weight continues to come down as his energy comes up. Hear his story on video.

Our Live-in Fitness residential weight loss retreat hosts a drop-in program in addition to the live-in services we are known for internationally.

Morbid Obesity Camp, Las Vegas

Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Camp

At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness, you will have your own in-house support for exercise and nutrition accountability. See some of our previous clients who have shared their experiences.

This page concerns our residential weight loss camp hosting larger people with morbid obesity.

Once you are under under our roof at the live-in fitness residence, you will be a part of daily workout activities geared for large people with individual limitations from early morning 5AM to 8PM. These hours can change seasonally and will include small group personal training and semi-private coaching sessions based around the capabilities of larger clients many of whom have special considerations.

Live In Weight Loss Services

Live-in WeightLoss Services6 AM Morning Metabolic Fat Melting

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesOutdoor Boot Camp Daily

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesMultiple Cardio Workouts Daily

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesMultiple Weight Workouts Daily

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesBicycle Rides Twice Daily

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesWalk/Hike/Jog Daily

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesExercise/Food Journaling Sessions

Live-in WeightLoss ServicesYoga Sessions Nightly
Live-in WeightLoss ServicesThai Stretch Sessions (Trainer-Assisted)
Live-in WeightLoss ServicesMeditation Sessions Nightly
Live-in WeightLoss ServicesEvening Deep Relaxation
Live-in Fitness ServicesGoal Guided Imagery
Live-in Fitness ServicesSelf-Hypnosis Instruction
Live-in Fitness ServicesFood Shop/Preparation Coaching
Live-in Fitness ServicesGolf Course Activities

Live-in Fitness ServicesTennis, Racquetball, & Squash
Live-in Fitness ServicesSeasonally- Swimming

*The above listed health and wellness services are available to all eligible clients.

Morbidly Obese Man at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Mens Weight Loss Camp at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Retreat (Article) by Owner/Operator Debra Stefan, CFT

What Does a 430 Lb Man Do at weight loss camp when he can barely walk or stand?


...even for a 430-pound man, exercise is the medicine that weight loss camp offers.

39 Lbs in 28 Days...51 Lbs in 42 Days!

The answer to how training should begin for a person of any age or condition is to assess and then progress. Corey’s first week of progress should encourage just about anyone who faces the challenge of regaining health and fitness.  

Almost immediately upon beginning his live-in weight loss program, Corey is seeing dormant muscle and motor movement reactivating. Daily personal bests are occurring with each workout.
Each day’s workout progress is astounding. The human body craves and thrives on movement.

Corey Dillaha, age 44

Mens Weightloss Camp | College Man Revamps Lifestyle

College Man Loses Over 1Lb Per Day 53 Days at Weight Loss Camp

Summer break was well spent at mens weight loss camp losing weight, reactivating muscle, and learning how to plan wellness on a daily basis.

Mens Weight Loss Camp Las Vegas 55Lbs 53Days

55 Lbs Down 53 Days at Weight Loss Camp

At age 26, he had too many years of college life causing his habits to spin out of control.

Healthy eating, weight training, cardio conditioning, hydration and sleep increased this young man's quality of life. Now, he goes forward to pursue success in all arenas.


I have been at live-in weight loss camp in Las Vegas for three months.430Lb Man Live-in Weight Loss Results in Las Vegas Fitness Retreat Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

A 3-Month Visa to the USA for Las Vegas Live-in Fitness and A New Lifestyle

Start Weight 424 Lbs

After 81 Days- 378 Lbs

Lost 46 Lbs 0ver 30 Inches

Buying two airline seats was getting old, so was needing seatbelt extensions.

He knew he needed a special environment for an extended stay to change his life and regain fitness. His searches couldn't find him the right place for the right length of time with the right people, until he found Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

Several years of working in IT was just too much sitting followed by too much overindulging.

It took a toll on fitness and his weight crept up continually.

Miles had tried many calorie deprivation programs and lost precious muscle. Each time the weight came right back on again with more than before. He finally got it. Muscle must be spared while losing weight in order to maintain weight loss.

Here is his story:

"My fitness and weightloss has far exceeded my expectations.

My main consideration was being able to lose weight without sacrificing muscle. I have managed to put a lot of muscle size and strength while maintaining steady weight lost each week.

The activities are varied and cater to your own personal needs and interests.

I still have quite a bit of weight still to lose but my fitness is at such a high level that there aren't any activities I can't get involved in going forward. It has given me an exceptional kick start and all the tools I need to complete my weightloss goals."

Mens Weight Loss Camp ... 3,000 Miles from Home!

Las Vegas Mens Weight Loss CampMy weight maxed out at 370 lbs, my blood pressure was high and I had lost so much physical ability that I was in fear of my life. The gradual decline in health had come to a point where I couldn’t make plans with my family and for the future of our business without getting an uneasy feeling. I really didn’t believe I was going to live very long if I didn’t do something soon.

So… I traveled 3000 miles from Boston and left my family in charge of my business to seek the help I so desperately needed.

As clients, we live with Debra in her spacious Live-in Fitness residence and she only accommodates 2-3 people at a time. During my stay I trained alongside a man who traveled from Amsterdam on a 3-month visa to be in the program.  We worked hard and stayed focused but we also had fun, too.

Debra has taught us balance, nutrition, and a progression for conditioning and weight training that has no end. The goal is life-long fitness and enjoying the feeling of wellness and good health. Joining the Live In Fitness family has set the stage for a lifestyle that I truly believe will extend the fun years of my life beyond what I could ever imagine. Thank You, Debra Stefan, I finally found success.

Al, Age 49
Mens Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas Live in Fitness

Mens Weight Loss Camp at 436 Lbs and Age 27

The best thing that has happened since coming to Debra's at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness...

... is that I have found a new way to think, eat, breathe, and feel.

Depression no longer has a hold on me because I have the key to attaining my goals and it has even empowered me to start my own business.

My life is now under my control and so are my habits. The choices I now make bring me closer to attaining my health goals instead of defeating me.

Debra coaches us to build up our self-belief system so that we build on our accomplishments daily. My friends called me Darth Vader because of my loud breathing, huffing and puffing walking from one room to another. I am now cycling great distances over hills, and losing weight sensibly.

Josh, Age 27

Morbidly Obese Women at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

by Live-In Fitness Boot Camp
By the time she arrived at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness, this 21 yr old college woman had been to many fat farms since age 13 only to regain even more weight as time went on.
To make her challenges even more difficult, she had already reached her full adult height of only 4'9" tall. When she arrived, her scale weight was right at 200 Lbs morbidly obese.
Finally, she went from morbidly obese to fit and fast for a lifetime when she came to live-in at Las Vegas residential retreat 24/7 with Debra Stefan.
Her weight loss continued after departure and she is set in her new lifestyle habits that have enabled her to arrive at her ideal body weight and maintain it.

Saudi Man Travels 8000 Miles to Las Vegas for 3-Week Weight Loss Camp

Saudi Man at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Retreat 3 Weeks

Mahmood Traveled Over 8,000 Miles to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Mahmood suddenly clicked with the Live-in Fitness program when he took it upon himself to quit smoking on his second day at the weight loss camp. His oxygen intake, energy level, and overall sense of well-being were immediately enchanced. Each exercise session resulted in another personal best. His family saw immediate results in him and in 3 weeks he realized progress that he would continue after returning back to Saudi Arabia.

Man Traveled from Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp


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