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Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Frequently Asked Questions
Las Vegas Live-In Fitness Residential Weight Loss Boot Camp


Is Las Vegas Live-in Fitness affiliated with a weight loss camp similarly named in California?

No; Debra Stefan registered the domain name in April 2008 BEFORE a different, but similarly named facility registered There is absolutely no association between the two nor do we offer the same style of services. Las Vegas Live-in Weight Loss is a private residential location for those needing direct supervision and personal training. Clients learn to shop and prepare their own meals as opposed to having them provided. There is no campus, no large staff, meals are not prepared for you, but clients learn habits that they can take with them. Debra's namesake domain also features info about her live-in weight loss fitness residence at .

What are the physical requirements to participate?

An exercise readiness examination can be done by your physician or ours. You will be asked to sign a simple waiver stating that you present yourself in "exercise ready" condition and have declared any known limitations/restrictions. In the event that you should need an exam or medical attention during your stay, transportation will be provided to your examination appointment and any necessary followup visits. Exercise modifications and special consideration will be made to accommodate any reasonable restrictions on your body makeover activities.

What is a Typical Live In Session Like?

Training includes activity in the Live-in Fitness residence, our private 35,000 square foot recreation center with dumbbells, free weights, benches and weighted bars; activities in and around the indoor or outdoor sport courts with PowerBlocks, Bosu Balance Trainers, TRX Suspension Training Systems, Ballast Stability Balls, medicine balls, boxing and agility drills, jump ropes, resistance bands, tubing, Reebok CORE balance boards; activities outdoors on and around the pool deck, tennis courts, and diverse outdoor adventures ...including trekking the famous Las Vegas strip! See our videos and photo galleries and video tour of Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Bootcamp facilities.

Your Live-in Fitness Coach- Debra Stefan, will direct you through organized, well thought-out workout routines with upbeat, motivating instruction that includes a combination of agility and balance drills, games, exercises, fat-burning cardio, strength training and yoga. No one is left behind. Individual exercise modifications apply to all routines. No matter what your limitations are, you will get a good workout, lose weight fast, and make progress you wouldn't be able to achieve on your own.

So's something different all day, every day, incorporating a variety of equipment and locations with weight training and cardio interval training techniques to benefit your entire body turning you into a LEAN FAT-BURNING MACHINE!

Through a total body fitness workout based on scientific exercise progressions and sound physiological principles, within weeks you'll notice a difference in your weight, strength, energy, moods, and your overall fitness level.

What does it cost?

You can click on the link above for a comprehensive price chart. Here is a complete service and price list for you to compare Las Vegas Live In Fitness with four other regional options for your live in weightloss program including west coast options- Live in fitness in Los Angeles, California - also known as "camptechnique", "live in fitness camp" and "live in fitness enterprise", plus "Utahweightlossretreat" also known as "RealLifeFitnessandHealth". In searching, you may find similar monikers for Las Vegas Live In Fitness: "live in weightloss" and "live in bootcamp ". Hopefully, this will spare you any confusion. In the name of Internet marketing, a rose by any other name should smell as sweet!

All training requires a prepaid commitment prior to participation. A deposit of 50% is due at time of scheduling using any credit, debit card, or bank direct wire transfer. The remaining balance is due 5 business days prior to arrival. more on terms of service...

What is included? Click Here for a list of services

What can Las Vegas Live-In Residential Fitness and Weightloss Boot Camp do for me?

Using the success principles of behavioral modification, you'll get daily personalized workouts with your own personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training at a club or in the gym-with no upgrade fee. You'll be in a protective environment free from he negative patterns holding you back. The live in fitness training routine will empower you to attain your goals with daily personal bests in a progressive manner..

What will I eat while on the program?

Nutrition services at Las Vegas live in fitness focus on promoting fat loss and sparing metabolic-boosting muscle in alliance with the Body-for-LIFE method. These methods are easy to learn and are effective for general needs and requirements. Professional dieticians are not on staff and we do not intend to replace the recommendations of your personal physician should you have specific issues. Furthermore, we are not an eating disorder, alcohol, or drug treatment center. If you are looking for a place where your food is prepared for you by others, this program is not the one for you. The number one reason why those types of programs result in client weight gain afterward is because they do not empower you with hands-on food management. We do.

How long will it take to see results?

Most participants committing to 30-45 days or more will notice improvements within 10 day to 14 days, while some clients swear they can see changes within the first few days. You can get a realistic look at what to expect from my previous clients who have shared their before and after photos and videos here. More dramatic results and weightloss depend on your nutrition, but when you LIVE the lifestyle your results can be very dramatic. You'll have more energy, be stronger, feel confident, and feel proud that you made the decision to make a impacting change. The sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit!

Who is the Trainer and what are her Qualifications?

More about Your Live In Fitness WeightLoss Coach...

Your Live-in Fitness host, Debra Stefan has over 39 years of professional fitness experience. Debra will facilitate and oversee all activities during your stay. She will be living in residence on a daily basis while you are on the program to provide you with 24/7 guidance and support. more about Debra ...

Who are the typical clients and what activities do they do?

Not all of Debra's clients are amenable to sharing their personal information. Privacy and discretion are valued at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness. Celebrities and other individuals of high profile status seek a safe haven where they can go under the radar when they come here. However, a fair amount of our visitor’s experiences are shared. Browse our success stories page and find someone to whom you can relate. Our heaviest has been 500Lbs and the oldest has been 79 years old!

See over 100 video clips on YouTube by searching VegasFitness1!

Will I Have To Have My Photos Published On The Internet or Appear In Videos?

Not all guests at Live-in Fitness appear on the website or in the videos. Those that do can appreciate that they were encouraged by seeing someone else who succeeded in going through the Live-in Fitness program and heard their testimony. This is completely voluntary and authentic; no one has ever been paid to do so.

What Does A Typical Day of Live-In Training Look Like?

6:00 AM

Wake Up

6:15 AM


7:00 AM


9:00 AM


10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Weight Training

12:00 AM


1:00 PM

Training Review

2:00 PM


3:00 PM


4:30 PM

Training & Technique

6:30 PM


8:00 PM

Yoga Assisted Stretch

9:30 PM

Prepare for Bed

10:00 PM Lights Out

The above schedule will entail a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that fall within the prescribed parameters. Times can change seasonally.

What Do The Accommodations Look Like?

Rooms offered are all private bedrooms with the option of a shared bath or a private suite which contains a private bath. Two private suites are available; one is upstairs while the other is located downstairs. For the private suite with private bath add $50 to the daily rate. Open the link above to view a slideshow and gallery showing each room and all common areas of the live-in fitness residence.

What is Your Cancellation & Change Fee Policy?

Cancellations will result in forfeit of the entire deposit. Make sure that you are truly ready to attend the dates chosen because space is limited. It is not like other places where condos and beach cottages can be reserved in a large block. This is a residential home with limited guest space. You will be able to reschedule your reservation more than 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival provided that the new dates coincide with an open availability. You will be given every consideration in meeting your requested calendar needs. Any changes to a reservation must be made at least 7 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. Short notice changes can result in additional fees up to 25% of total rate.

There are no credits or refunds for late arrivals or early departures.
This is standard in the industry. Fitness and weight loss professionals are in the business of enabling you to adhere to your own self-promises and commitments--not depart from them.

What Can I Do To Get Started Before I Arrive at the Fitness Residence?

Begin by setting aside 10 minutes to take a simple online test! Take The Test

This evolutionary Human Assessment Instrument enables professionals and individuals to identify personal potential, human tolerance, perceptivity, motivations and behavioral strengths & weaknesses.This will provide you with important information about yourself with focus on your strengths and the best motivational drivers for your personal success.To access this valuable tool and get started, make sure you have scheduled your stay with a deposit commitment. You will then be provided with an access code at no additional cost.

Once you have received your access code just click here to Take The Test!

Las Vegas Live In Fitness & Live In WeightLoss Residential Boot Camp

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